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A struggling florist and his loyal assistant figure out the solution to their failing business. Murder. But is killing people for the bereavement sales a sustainable business model or are they just both insane.

Rupert and Rita run a flower shop in the small town of Elford. Business is slow but after accidentally running over a homeless man they get the idea to boost their sales through murder and the grieving loved ones that will follow. Problem is, killing people isn’t something they know much about. The duo begin to learn how to commit murder through TV programs, buy a gun from a local drug dealer and begin to scour the town for targets. Rupert and Rita quickly learn that murder is not easy.

Their first target ends up accidentally setting herself alight, burning to death. Their second dies of a heart attack after their house floods with chickens and the third plummets off a cliff half naked in his car. But the latter incident also puts someone in a coma which is bad news for Rita and Rupert as he saw them in the act of committing murder.

The duo start to feel a little remorseful as they end up killing someone they weren’t intending on so they decide to try their hands at match making which incidentally also ends in death. The pair then decide to go for one more kill and then put a rest to their criminal ways but they want this one to count and set them up financially for years to come so they set their sights on the most loved person in town. The Mayor.

Their plans quickly turn sour after the boy in the coma wakes up and contacts the police. Rupert and Rita are caught red handed with a gun to the Mayor’s head but are oddly thankful that things have finally come to an end. Both Rita and Rupert have come to realise that this journey has given them both what they were looking for in life. All Rita really wanted was a friend and Rupert just wanted to be accepted by someone and they both found this in each other. The two then run out into the polices line of fire, going down in a self sacrificing blaze of glory.

Submitted: September 20, 2019
Last Updated: September 21, 2019

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The Writer: Max Wilson

In an effort to calm an overactive mind I decided to start putting down my ideas on paper. I quickly realised how satisfying it is to expand on these ideas and create a whole universe for these stories to take place. Within two months I had my first completed screenplay. Having enjoyed the process so much I wrote my second screenplay and now three years later, I have six screenplays to my name. I am still relatively new to screenwriting but I feel my craft keeps getting better the more I produce and the more I learn. I am currently writing my seventh screenplay and my first pilot for a TV series and have ideas for many more thing to come. My writing objective is to stay in the field of... Go to bio

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