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A family is forced to take shelter after a deadly virus crashes down to earth but while the family is trying to hold itself together from the inside the world outside becomes increasingly volatile.

On a sunny Saturday morning, Audrey Hill goes outside to get her mail. As she is standing at her letterbox she witnesses a meteor shower rain down to earth. She, as with everyone else in the cul-de-sac runs back inside in a panic. She instructs her husband to pack their things and gather the three kids as they are going to seek out a better shelter but before they have a chance to leave they hear a news report on the television that stops them in their tracks.

On the news they report that the meteors were carrying a new strand of bacteria that has been spread across the planet and that it’s implications are not yet known. They urge people to stay indoors if possible until they have further details. The power then goes out.

After this message the family are forced to stay inside their home with only a few windows as their means of communication between the neighbours. During this time in the claustrophobic environment boredom starts to get the best of them and all the family’s secrets start to come out. Tensions inside the house start to rise and family members start to turn on each other. The only ray of hope they have comes from a loop on the radio that gives more questions then answers.

While the family is trying to hold itself together from the inside the world outside becomes increasingly uncertain. Outside has become littered with dead animals, a neighbourhood couple dies out in the cul-de-sac from infection, a sick and scared individual tries to break into their house and the old retired couple next to them take their own lives to escape the madness. The oldest son Grant is affected by all this the most as the one he loves lives only a few houses down.

Grant eventually leaves the house and runs over to be with his girlfriend but he left a little to soon as a day later the radio starts playing a new message saying that the bacteria has started dying on it’s own. Audrey decides to trust in the message and leaves the house to go check on Grant but what she finds is that he and the rest of the family he is now with have been infected and await death.

Audrey becomes distraught and chooses to spend the night at the neighbours house rather then returning to her own and risk the lives of her family. While exploring the neighbours house she comes across a cat which at first doesn’t alarm her but later on she finds another cat but this one is dead and shows signs of infection. Audrey traps the alive cat in the house and decides to spend the night outside. She is scared that she might now be infected herself. In the morning she is awoken by an army truck driving down the cul-de-sac. She is showing signs of infection.

Submitted: August 31, 2018
Last Updated: September 4, 2018

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The Writer: Max Wilson

In an effort to calm an overactive mind I decided to start putting down my ideas on paper. I quickly realised how satisfying it is to expand on these ideas and create a whole universe for these stories to take place. Within two months I had my first completed screenplay. Having enjoyed the process so much I wrote my second screenplay and now three years later, I have six screenplays to my name. I am still relatively new to screenwriting but I feel my craft keeps getting better the more I produce and the more I learn. I am currently writing my seventh screenplay and my first pilot for a TV series and have ideas for many more thing to come. My writing objective is to stay in the field of... Go to bio

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