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Like Spartacus before her, Boudica is the true story of a woman`s fight for family, freedom and vengeance against the might of the Roman Empire.



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Boudica is a sword and sandal epic that takes place in the year AD:61 in the Roman province of Britannia, Rome`s most distant territory. This historically accurate script depicts a brutal piece of history that is a large part of British culture but is surprisingly little known in America.
To intimidate the Celtic tribes in Britannia and force them to accept the higher taxes needed by Emperor Nero to pay for his frivolous pet projects, the cruel Roman Procurator in charge of taxation chooses Boudica, the spirited, larger than life queen of the Iceni Tribe to make an example of to those who might foolishly defy Rome.
The Procurator reveals to her that her dead husband had years before betrayed Boudica`s mother to the Romans so he could become king. He then orders that her land be taken, her body brutalized and her twin daughters raped.
Together with her daughters and her most trusted advisor, Myrion the Druid, the enraged Boudica unites the neighboring tribes in revolt and rampages her way through Roman occupied Britain, destroying everything in her path and killing nearly eighty thousand people.
The Governor General, Suetonius Paulinus, learning of Boudica`s revolt, abandons his campaign against the Druid stronghold on the island of Mona and races with his legions to intercept her.
When the two forces finally meet it is more than epic battle it is a clash of cultures. The highly organized Roman Legion, governed by hard discipline, training and ruthless practicality pitted against Boudica`s army of passionate, undisciplined Celtic warriors who are bravely fighting for their families and their freedom.
this historic epic, with its unique declining character arc, has been waiting to be properly told for over two thousand years and deserves the same consideration as academy award winning classics such as Spartacus, Braveheart and Gladiator.

Submitted: October 31, 2020
Last Updated: February 3, 2023

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The Writer: James Lee

Jim is a lover of history and specializes in writing epic true stories that are largely unknown or have so far been overlooked by Hollywood. Go to bio