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When a drug addict who has committed suicide enters hew new 'post mortem' residence, her only objective is to find her baby.

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When a drug addict who has committed suicide enters her new 'post mortem' residence, her only objective is to find her baby.

Described as the great beyond, afterlife, or the hereafter, ever wonder what it looks like up there? In Natalie Ekberg's dramatic fantasy, Branded, apparently there's a lot of pink and purple. The gated entrance is "bright pink and glittery, decorated with intricate metal pieces that intertwine each other and create various shapes." A big WELCOME sign hangs over the gate. There's a greeter too, Carmelita.

Carmelita, a humanoid Unicorn, beautiful, pink and sparkling, sits at the gate. Between her forehead and her horn - a police-like cap, with letters ‘HV’ on it.

Welcome to Happy Valley, your new residence.
I am Carmelita, your Immigration office representative.
Your name, please?

It all seems friendly enough. But contrary to its colorful exterior, Happy Valley has it’s dark side, too. It's a place where atonement comes at a price.

Waiting in line at the gate is a disheveled 28-year-old named Lisa Goodman. Clearly, her previous life on Earth was no picnic. After Carmelita checks Lisa's name off a list, she suddenly pulls up Lisa's jumper. Underneath are "multiple bruises and needle marks."

Carmelita's prepared. Retrieving a branding iron from a drawer, she grabs Lisa's hand and swiftly brands it with an "A" inside a circle.

Lisa snatches her hand away.

Aaaaw! Are you mad?

Com’on, love. We both know you’ve been through more pain in your

Carmelita hands Lisa a thick folder.

Your welcome pack. The antiseptic cream is inside, use as needed.
No painkillers for you. Obviously.
Cottage number 50343. Any questions?

Lisa takes the package and looks around.

Yeah. Do you do any other colours in here?

Carmelita smiles.

You ain’t seen nothin yet, sista. Enjoy! Next!

Passing through the gate and into an open meadow, Lisa finds herself surrounded by yet more pink and purple. Pretty quickly, Carmelita’s prediction proves (pardon the dark but sequined pun) dead right. Among the Alice in Wonderland characters Lisa encounters next:

  • Drink carrying dragons on pink scooters.
  • A Pegasus style horse that provides “taxi service” over purple cottages.
  • And not-so cheery Peter, who reveals he expired from a heart attack… after Lisa admits she “used a noose.”

Scratch this glittery fairy tale, and you find real world Hans Christian Anderson Grimness underneath. Adventure, too…

… Because Happy Valley isn’t all cherub angels playing harps in the pink sunshine. Looks can be deceiving – and treacherous. Will Lisa find her baby daughter? If so, what price will she have to pay?

Branded is a visual feast. Guaranteed to get creative juices flowing, it's a perfect fit for a filmmaker eager to put their stamp on a scintillating fantasy; one rich in visuals - and real life pain, all at once!  



Review by KP Mackie
Submitted: February 7, 2017
Last Updated: February 8, 2017

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The Writer: Natalie Ekberg

Hi, I am a London based screenwriter. I started writing full time 2 years ago and have written a couple of feature films and a handful of TV projects so far. I just had a short movie produced and can't wait to add another one to the slate! I am excited to be part of 'Script Revolution', a great community for writers and creatives. Go to bio
Agency: WGM Literary Agency
Agent: Madeleine Cotter

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