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Candy Kain and the Walls of Jericho



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Candy Kain investigates the disappearance of a club owner's wife.

Candy finds herself in a heap of trouble at the mischief of one Jericho Green, owner of the Walls of Jericho social club.

Jericho comes to P.I. Kain with a story of his missing trophy wife, who went to seek a biographer by the name of Nathan Payne - a career criminal that Candy once before busted and sent upstate.

Upon visiting Payne, a notorious rat, he begins to spill the beans. An assassin kills him in the doorway as he is doing so. The attempt on Candy fails, however.

Candy tracks the car to the Walls of Jericho club, where she is ambushed and knocked out. In the back rooms, Jericho reveals his "silly" master plan, a dead wife that was spending all his earnings, while Nathan Payne wanted Candy's death attached to it; revenge for sending him to prison.

A moment of levity with her captors sees Candy escape, and kill them all, save for Jericho, who will be kept alive for the police.

Submitted: September 1, 2020
Last Updated: September 1, 2020

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The Writer: Clint Kelley

I'm Just a Guy looking to become a little more. Have always loved writing, but never had that confidence to try and make a career of it. A little pressing from those who likely think I'm better than I am, and here I go! I grew up in the 90's in mid-Florida, so I might not qualify as human, but I do my best! My first script was written in 1998, and a real doozy that left me feeling a little less confident in things. After a while off, and a good bit of research thanks to this new-fangled internets, I can now supplement my love for writing with actual knowledge of it. Action is my favorite form of screenplay writing thus far, but I've engaged in a little bit of everything in attempts to keep... Go to bio

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