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Private eye Candy Kain has a murder case, a fifth of whiskey, and the whole of the mafia out to get her. Unfortunately for them, she has a mean streak that's unparalleled.

Meet Candy, she's a no-nonsense Private Eye with a bit of a vice, and a few recent wounds of war. She always had a love of poetry, but that didn't work out for a career, so here she is.

Following a small tussle with local mobsters that left her with more than a few bandages, she's back to work, and greeted at her office/home by a client with a pretty face and a case of murder. Guy Dixon is his name, and his sister, a local singing talent with a bad taste in men, was murdered. The police don't seem to be looking too hard -- a common occurrence in this city. It definitely doesn't help that the suspect, her lover, is Bruno Gadavicci, the local big guy in town. God damn the Mafia.

Things don't get done in this town by beating around the bush, so Candy goes straight to the man. It's not the most productive of meetings, and she ends up in a fight (that she might've been looking for), but she does leave the place unconvinced of Bruno's guilt, and a shine for one of Bruno's gals, "Pepper". Things don't completely add up, and Guy isn't being all that honest, it seems. Not that she gets much more out of him, he's rather irrational.

A visit to the local coroner reveals a few more snags in the case. A body so mutilated that her brother identified it, quickly, by her personal effects; and cremated almost immediately -- and Bruno's boys strong-arming Eddie the coroner to omit details from the autopsy, make Candy real suspicious. Her effects contained keys to her apartment, a good place to search.

If you were banking on an ambush, you were correct. These weren't just Bruno's boys, however. Some of these hands were bonafide mercenaries. Several bodies, and a collapsed lobby later, Candy puts the squeeze on their leader, and the news isn't good. Word on the street is to "Kill Candy". Luckily for him, local PD show up before she can Kill Marquette.

Is it a surprise that her ex-husband is the local Captain on the force? Tommy Deluca, and he's still wearing their ring. He wants to keep Candy, to protect her, but that's not her style. Instead, he informs her that Samara's brother, Guy, recently got caught trying to con Bruno out of thirty grand, which doesn't sit well with those types. Looks like it was enough of a deal to get the Heads upstate involved, notably Giancarlo "The Hump" Zanetti. Interesting.

A bit of cleanup at the office leads to Pepper showing up to "talk shop". Bruno has entered the "Kill Candy" pool, simply because life would be easier with her gone. She has her own scheme as well, that involves helping Candy stay alive; and a bit of romance back at her apartment. It's all in the life of a P.I. after all. Pepper's too ambitious for her own good though, and that never works out for a pro-skirt in this town. Candy cuffs her to the bed to keep her safe; at least until she can nab the gal a ticket to Florida for a brief vacation.

Time to pay Bruno another visit, and this time won't be friendly. She tears up the bar, and a portion of his hired muscle, before trapping Bruno himself, and demanding answers. Funny how a tough guy sings when his all alone with his impending lack of mortality. Funnily enough, he actually was trying to get Samara out of town. Guy Dixon had been running grifts on everyone, though, and word of it got to The Hump. Just as Bruno begins to sing, however, a laser rips through his chest, killing him! Candy gives chase to the masked killer, but is intercepted by another group of suits wanting her head, and loses the lead. Looks like The Hump is behind the bounty as well.

Time to simply go upstate, and pay him a visit. A wise choice, it seems, as The Hump predicted as much, and had Pepper abducted for good measure. He and Candy have a kind conversation at first, where he seems to solve the case for her. Bruno and Guy both murdered Samara, because he made them. Guy's grifts involved Bruno, and were hurting The Humps bottom line. The common quality between them both was Samara, so their punishment was knowing that they had to murder her. He's happy to tell her all this, of course, because she won't be leaving. He's apparently never dealt with Candy Kain before. Her umpteenth gun fight in three days, and she narrowly comes out on top when Captain Tommy shows up for the assist, nearly losing his life in the process. It still doesn't win her heart back, though! Time to return to the final link in this chain, Guy Dixon.

It seems, however, that not even The Hump knew everything going on. Back at Guy's place, he's confronted by Candy; and Candy is confronted by Samara Dixon, alive and well. She was Bruno's masked killer; she was the mastermind behind it all. A poor working skirt, brutalized and mutilated to hide that Guy and Bruno didn't actually kill her. For all her wit in the face of crime, however, she was still dumb enough to try and take Candy out.

Who killed Samara Dixon? Candy Kain killed Samara Dixon.

Submitted: July 11, 2018
Last Updated: July 16, 2018

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The Writer: Clint Kelley

I'm Just a Guy looking to become a little more. Have always loved writing, but never had that confidence to try and make a career of it. A little pressing from those who likely think I'm better than I am, and here I go! I grew up in the 90's in mid-Florida, so I might not qualify as human, but I do my best! My first script was written in 1998, and a real doozy that left me feeling a little less confident in things. After a while off, and a good bit of research thanks to this new-fangled internets, I can now supplement my love for writing with actual knowledge of it. Action is my favorite form of screenplay writing thus far, but I've engaged in a little bit of everything in attempts to keep... Go to bio

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