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Cell Block Z



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A botched activist stunt sends four men to a new privately owned penitentiary. One of the men is unknowingly infected with a virus that spreads throughout the facility.

A group of four, mid-twenties men, embark on an ill fated activist stunt at a research facility, Experi-Medical. After weeks of planning, things go wrong, and one of the men, Kent, is unknowingly infected by a virus.
The four men are caught by the authorities and are sentenced for their crimes.
After the trial, the four men are approached by a court official, offering them a place in a brand new, privately owned prison. The men get on board when they hear they can reduce their sentences. The men sign some documents and are transported by bus to the remote facility, owned and run by Experi-Global. This is the parent company, that owns the research facility the four men broke into.
When they arrive, they quickly meet the eccentric Warden and his number two, Head Guard Morgan, who shows the men to their new home, Cell Block Z.
Kent has been getting more and more ill looking since the trial, and on the first night at the prison, he succumbs to the virus he picked up at the research facility.
From there, everything unravels into chaos as the virus quickly spreads through the prison.
The three remaining group members, Max, Lyle and Steve, try to survive long enough to come up with an escape plan. As they make their way through the prison, they uncover links to the research facility, and what’s left of the inmate test subjects.
Everyone becomes an enemy in the confined surroundings, as the three men fight against infected and non-infected inmates and guards.
Will they escape the prison? And the terrible music?

Main Characters:

Four activists.
Kent - Smart, arrogant. Likes things done his way. Doesn’t like to be questioned.
Max - Energetic, positive and an MMA enthusiast. The groups protection but also the linch pin holding the group together.
Lyle - Sarcastic and smart mouthed. Constantly trying to insult his friends.
Steve - Quiet and shy. Reluctantly a part of the group. Knows technology. The opposite of Max.

Warden Nils Norsstrom - Eccentric, over the top and camp. Scandinavian boss of the Experi-Correctional Penitentiary. Believes in a therapeutic approach to the rehabilitation of his inmates.
Head Guard Morgan - Controlling, authoritative, and loud. Has a military background.
Rudger - Large Skin head who arrives at the same time as the group. Takes a liking to Steve. Always has a creepy big grin on his face.
Other Guards 1-10 - Mostly incompetent. Little to no training or experience.

Submitted: August 6, 2020
Last Updated: August 6, 2020

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The Writer: Neil Hunsdale

I am an aspiring TV and film script writer living in London. I was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and i have been living in central London for the past ten years. I’m educated to A-level but i did not go to university, instead opting to start working at 18. I’ve had a large number of jobs and moved in a number of different circles, and i have used these experiences to fuel my writing. I am a creative individual and i like to experiment in my work with a variety of mediums. I paint and sketch, both physically and digitally, i work with ceramics and epoxy resin, i build websites and i produce music and audiobooks. Experimenting with music is where i first began to write a few... Go to bio

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