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Charlie The Robot

On a routine resupply mission to a research base on Saturn’s moon, Titan, a maintenance robot, stumbles across nomadic aliens intent on making Earth their new home.



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Our story begins on a resupply mission to a research base on Saturn's moon, Titan. Sam, the young female Captain of the transport ship Protector and, Charlie, her maintenance robot, discover an anomaly in Saturn's rings. After dropping off their cargo they travel to Saturn to investigate.

Upon arrival, they find a massive alien vessel heavily damaged and partially submerged in Saturn’s outer ring. Sam sends Charlie over to investigate. As Charlie reaches the damaged ship, an identical undamaged craft emerges from the rings and fires a missile at Protector. The damaged alien ship intercepts the missile. The blast wave from the explosion hurls Protector back towards Titan.

The alien ship fires on its damaged twin, impacting its hull. The blast propels Charlie into a gaping hole, caused by an earlier missile strike. Knocked out, Charlie floats down into the crippled alien vessel.

Meanwhile, with her ship spinning out of control, Sam enters an escape pod and abandons ship. The escape pod enters Titan’s atmosphere and lands on the surface. Sam’s pod is recovered and taken to the research base. There, Sam informs the Robots managing the facility what took place. Together, they try to contact Charlie.

Charlie restarts and finds himself deep inside the damaged alien vessel. Making his way through the ship, Charlie finds his path blocked by a massive door. Charlie knocks on the door, and it opens, revealing a large city under a dome.

Charlie enters the city and discovers it inhabited by Alien Robots. The Alien Robots tell Charlie they have been travelling to Earth for generations after their planet was destroyed. When they learned Earth was inhabited the Alien Robots wanted to look for a new home, but their Alien Creators, weary of travel, were convinced by their Evil Leader that Earth was their birthright and should be taken by force. The Alien Robots stopped the invasion by disabling their Alien Creators ship and were thus attacked.

The domed city is suddenly breached by their Alien Creators army, intent on finishing off their Robots. Charlie escapes and manages to sneak aboard the Creators ship. He discovers they have repaired their ship and will soon be leaving for Earth. Charlie manages to delay their plans by sabotaging their engines. Enraged, the Evil Leader orders his army to hunt him down.

Charlie is captured but manages to escape. During his escape, Charlie learns of their plans to attack the research base on Titan before proceeding to Earth. Charlie retreats to the outer hull of the ship. Outside of the ship, Charlie can receive Sam’s transmission. Charlie warns her of the imminent attack.

On Titan, Sam and the Robots prepare for the attack by setting a trap. Sam hides in an emergency escape rocket as the Robots cling to the outside. As the assault begins, Sam blasts off. The rocket's exhaust ignites fuel they have flooded the base with, causing a massive explosion throwing the advancing army back.

In orbit, Sam and the Robots abandon their rocket just before it's destroyed by the Creators ship. Sam and the Robots climb aboard the outer hull of the Creator ship and meet up with Charlie. Charlie leads them to an exhaust shaft where they gain access to the vessel.

Inside the Creator ship, the Evil Leader holds a rally preparing his people for war. Charlie and the others accidentally crash through a vent, landing amongst the crowd. In the ensuing melee, Charlie saves a young alien girl when the Evil Leader fires indiscriminately into the crowd at them. Witnessing Charlie’s bravery and seeing their leader's true colors, the people turn on him.

With the Evil Leader deposed and peace restored, Charlie and the others watch as the Alien Creators and their Robots work together to repair their ship. In appreciation, they give Charlie one of their shuttles. Charlie, now captain of his own ship, takes his friends home. In a prison cell on the Alien Creators ship, the Evil Leader watches as Charlie’s shuttle departs from the Alien Robots vessel.

Submitted: April 2, 2018
Last Updated: October 5, 2021

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The Writer: Lance West

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