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When organ harvesting aliens invade a neglected neighborhood, a mysterious homeless man leads a ragtag group of survivors as they fight to save themselves and humanity.

After losing their home to foreclosure, Laura and her two daughters must trade their privileged lives for a run-down townhouse on the outskirts of town. Once there, they cross paths with, Tinfoil Head, a dumpster diving homeless man known for telling outlandish conspiracies and wearing an odd tinfoil covered bike helmet.

Intrigued by the mysterious man, Laura's preteen daughter Britt approaches him. Tinfoil Head warns her of an imminent plot, involving secret elements in the government conspiring to exchange human lives for alien technology. Britt shares his chilling warning with her mother and teenage sister Kerri, only to be scolded by her mom for talking to the strange man and mocked by her older sister for believing him.

But when things predicted by Tinfoil Head begin to unfold, doubts are planted and soon realized when organ harvesting aliens invade their neglected neighborhood. Laura and her girls escape the onslaught and set off on their bicycles to find the homeless man they once avoided. They are joined in their journey by a teenage boy named Karl, the only other survivor from their complex.

Once found, Tinfoil Head’s secret past starts to slowly emerge as he plunges these unlikely combatants into a heart-thumping fight to save humanity. Tinfoil Head reveals that resisting the invaders is their only hope of attracting help from more benevolent extraterrestrials, known as the Galactic Council. Using guerrilla tactics and captured alien technology, the group struggle to disrupt the harvest.

After a brave fight, they are captured. Just before they are about to be executed, they are rescued by the Galactic Council and transported to a massive vessel at the edge of our galaxy. Aboard the alien ship, they learn their actions have led to the end of the harvest. They are told to avoid further bloodshed, the Earth will be quarantined, and for their own safety, they will not be allowed to return. Tinfoil Head requests asylum on a distant world. His request is granted and they are transported to their new home.

They arrive on the shore of a vast turquoise ocean. In the sky, a gas giant looms above with several moons in its orbit. Tinfoil Head reveals they are on a research moon inhabited by scientists, and their families, from around the galaxy. The close-knit group walks in wide-eyed wonder toward a small village along the shore.

Submitted: March 13, 2018
Last Updated: October 15, 2020

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The Writer: Lance West

I mainly write in the science fiction, action-adventure genres, with a little thriller and horror mixed in. Basically, I'm trying to recreate that feeling I had as a boy watching Star Wars for the first time, that total buy-in from the opening frame to the end credits. Go to bio

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