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Cracked Aces

After a hotshot poker player accidentally defeats a mobster’s daughter, he joins forces with a fiery brothel madam, a septuagenarian showgirl, and an unhinged Girl Scout in a high-stakes gamble to win back his life.



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Our hero, virtuoso poker player, TOMMY, borrows twenty-large from his unhinged loan shark, POSEIDON, for a high-stakes tournament. The deal: If he wins, he's free forever.

If he loses ... well, you get the idea.

When Tommy makes it to the final table, KAZIMIR, a Russian mobster, convinces him to throw the game, so his spoiled daughter LILIYA can win.

But Lady Luck rears her ugly head. Tommy gets a miracle card, and accidentally WINS! Caught between a Russian and a hard place, he grabs the money and bolts, with the mob (and Poseidon) dogging his heels.

He jumps into a cab, driven by GIZMO and his daughter, CATALINA, and zips to his ex, VICTORIA, owner of the best brothel in Pahrump.

Victoria gives Tommy a less-than-warm reception, but lets him stay.

The next morning Poseidon informs Tommy’s mom is his “guest.” He has 24 hours to pay … or else.

And, since bad luck comes in threes, the Russians track him down.


He wakes up in the desert, buried up to his neck. He fast-talks Liliya (and ultimately, Poseidon) into a winner-take-all tournament.

The game is on! Poseidon leaves his nephew, KRISTOS, to guard Eleanor.

Meanwhile, Gizmo and Catalina begin a different game. At Poseidon’s, Catalina sells Girl Scout cookies to Kristos, and tases him. They liberate Eleanor (and Poseidon’s cash safe).

Back at the tournament, it’s heads-up between Tommy and Poseidon.

Gizmo, disguised as a delivery man, drops off Poseidon’s safe at the Russian’s warehouse.

The final hand. Tommy sets up a major bluff and WINS!

Poseidon receives a call that his safe has been found. He hoofs it to the Russian’s warehouse to find them inspecting the safe. WHOOP! WHOOP! The police arrive, and they all go to jail.

Tommy realizes he’s run away long enough. He decides to run TOWARDS a future … with Victoria. He and the gang split a boatload of money, and they all have a Vegas-style happy ending (the legal kind).

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2020 Scriptapalooza 3rd Place Overall
Top Ten Stage 32 Comedy Contest
We Screenplay Recommend

Submitted: August 10, 2020
Last Updated: July 19, 2021

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The Writer: Jeff Zampino

Hi, I'm Jeff, and I'm a comedy feature writer from SIn City. I like combining genres, but one will always be comedy. I've written and produced about a dozen short films (you can see some on my website, . I have been writing features for about 5 years. My script Cracked Aces (A caper comedy set in Vegas) made top 10 in The Stage 32 Comedy Writing Contest, and placed 3rd (out of 3324 entries) in the 2020 Scriptapalooza. Finished my most recent screenplay, Plume Raiders, and working on my next 2 (Polarity and Mortimer McGee & the Malevolent Mayheming Machine). On set, I have been everything from a PA to Production Design and recently, Director. My favorite job is... Go to bio

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