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Entering an unfamiliar World where showing emotion comes first, Colin must learn to shed real tears if he is to stand a chance of Cry Club.

Colin. A bloke. No airs and graces. He takes his eggs hard-boiled and toast unbuttered.

"I'm alright thanks" - Colin, asked how he was doing, the day after his wedding day.

"I'm alright thanks" - Colin, asked how he was doing, the day after his wife's funeral.

Cry Club is a tale about male emotional-repression. The protagonist should be familiar to a few of you.

Colin, recently widowed, finds himself at rock bottom. Homeless, partnerless, he lugs his life in his rucksack and trudges the cold streets of Melville- a grey, empty suburb.

He stumbles upon a cardboard sign by the entrance to an abandoned warehouse, reading "Cry Club -->".

He enters, not realising he is about to enter a brave new World; a World of uninhibited vagrant expression- singing, dancing, yoga, drinking, folk celebration. Amidst the eclectic community, Colin falls for free-spirit 'hippy-Rapunzel' Leaf, the spiritual leader of this strange Bohemia.

A clear fish-out-of-water-in-a-tropical-shark-tank, Colin seeks to gain acceptance into this oddball community, and win over the affection of the enchanting Leaf, ahead of the slimy, chiseled, love-rival Fabio. However, to stand a chance, he must learn to obey Rule #1 of Cry Club: 'One must express themselves wholly and truly'.

Unimpressed by Colin's inability to engage emotionally with the group's pastimes, the community deliver Colin an ultimatum:

One week to deliver a convincing moving performance, or else Colin will be banished from Cry Club- leaving Leaf behind forever.

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The Writer: Joshua Boultwood-Neale

* Seeking representation * Hello, my name is Josh. Here is a little about what brought me here: I'm a script writer, reader, and editor educated to MA level in scriptwriting- achieving distinction. More importantly though, I'm a pretty friendly guy- feel free to raise a question or share an idea with me! My scripts are inspired by curiosity and I find conversation with folk is a great way to peak it. If you have chance, please check out my scripts below and drop me a comment with your thoughts. I have experience in both independent and collaborative script development, as well as writing script coverage to fit a range of briefs. Want to whip your script into shape? Drop me a line and we'll... Go to bio

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