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DEADLY ENSEMBLE (Amorphous III - The Unspeakable)



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Charlie Ward a severely autistic boy is treated at Lakeview Residential with a revolutionary new drug. The staff become uneasy when his hallucinations begin to take on a life of their own…

.“DEADLY ENSEMBLE features an immersive mood that effectively applies a classically Gothic sensibility to a fraught, hallucinatory horror riff. The ongoing genre revival stands to benefit offbeat, artistic films of this nature. The derelict facility of Lakeview Residential is creepy and claustrophobic, providing a set of visual environments that keep the reader off balance and out of their comfort zone, it cries out for a great soundtrack. The intellectual and thematic raw material here remains exciting, the deliberate focus on parents and children is extremely noteworthy, Nero’s connection to the child based on his own past is particularly strong, as is the dueling catharses of Ross and Nero; the subtextual conflict between faith and science is similarly provocative. Alisha and Cass’s storyline is intriguing, we wonder whether this intense, terrifying experience might heal old wounds between them. Jeremiah is a fun villain, whose fractured relationship with Ross makes for some scenes filled with explosive content, it would be great to see more of him. The writer has an ambitious sense of imagination, the tenacity to complete a full length script (commendable in itself) and a good grasp on the fundamentals of screenwriting form. The project could serve as a writing showcase regardless of production. Lastly the projects cinematic potential will translate beautifully to the screen”. Blacklist paid script review comments 2018. (Deadly Ensemble is part one of two, but both stories stand alone and can function without the other)

Submitted: April 30, 2018
Last Updated: July 31, 2019
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The Writer: Gavin Paul Carter

I am a supporter of the creative arts, I currently run free services on twitter through our #voiceboxlive accounts. I decided it was time I focused a little bit on my own work and I am eager to promote my scripts and make connections with writers, directors and producers. I have just completed my 8th screenplay. I will continue to write in hope of finding representation. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. Good luck and good fortune wished to you! Go to bio

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