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Dreg, part one of the Slum Life Trilogy

After an alien attack, most of the world fell into apocalyptic ruin. Corporations have taken over as the governments in this new world. And they have discarded the ‘dregs’ in the slums of New L.A..



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Behind the 4th wall: Similar to other films, the music listed is important for atmosphere. Most music is also being heard by the characters.

In 2027, an alien attack destroyed most of society across the globe. The city of New LA has been separated from the rest of the United States, and the government has given up on its citizens.

Now in 2138, BK, a cybered-up black woman, is on a journey to save her young friend, Juan, from a sadistic megalomaniac named Sinful Simon. Unfortunately, Juan's mother is being held captive by Simon, because Juan accidentally stole 30 billion creds from him. They are on an adventure to save her.

As a herd of bullhead wearing bikers attack BK and Juan, Mac, a mohawk in a suit, arrives to save the day. He claims to have amnesia and doesn't know why his path has led him to her. Mac and BK escape the building. Juan gets captured by Padius, the leader of the bull bikers. Padius needs to bring him to Simon, as retribution for allowing the kid to steal the creds in the first place.

BK and Mac go to a local cat club to hire some extra help for their quest. They meet Geeni and Laddi, two young monk trainees. They use Nature magic and are amazing hand to hand fighters.

Juan and Padius need to become a team to survive in the slums of Hell. Padius uses Juan as bait to trick a silver Liger. The landlord of Slum #33, a shark-faced tough guy, wants rent from Padius, but that's Juan's chance to run!

BK, Mac, Geeni, and Laddi battle huge green rhinos, cartoon-themed robots, and tiny nanobots!

Simon has had enough. He sends an army to destroy Mac, BK, Padius, and Juan.

Submitted: July 25, 2021
Last Updated: July 26, 2021

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The Writer: Kevin Fleenor

Updated December 2021: Check out my 'National Days of What' on YouTube for an example of my voice-over work and a little acting acting. My very first job, at a video store, started my love for film and writing creative stories. Adjectives and adverbs became my best friends. My life took a detour as I moved to Detroit, got married, and had a son, but I never stopped writing. In 2017, I moved to Hollywood to break into the industry. I started with acting, appearing in over 100 films and tv shows within my first year. Being on set taught me a lot, and it was a ton of fun! Recently, I was in the film Voodoo Macbeth and the FOX show 911:Lone Star - also Miracle Workers alongside Steve Buscemi ,... Go to bio
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Agent: MJB Talent Agency
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