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Sandbar Grill

Waitresses in bikinis, a sex-starved bartender, and jealous teenage lifeguards are Kevin’s hilarious misfit work-family at the Las Vegas poolside Sandbar Grill.



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Each episode tells the true story of one day of Kevin's career as the pool's restaurant manager at a casino resort in Las Vegas. Kevin is an average 30-something, who has survived divorce and is living life two-point-oh. Rumor is that no manager has ever lasted more than one pool season. The last one was fired because he couldn't keep his hands off the waitress's bikinis. Unfortunate for him that they were still in them! Kevin has his work cut out for him.

Lexi, Nat, and Elisha are the main waitresses that work at the casino pool. They will serve 150 lounger chairs, 10 huge day beds, and 16 luxury cabanas.
Johnny is the stoner bartender who always has a new story about sex with a random girl. Coincidentally, his father is Chef Chris, the executive chef of the casino and Kevin's boss.
The lifeguards are still young and off limits to most pranks, but that doesn't stop them from having drama of their own.

Chef Chris has it out for Kevin, often appearing out of thin air to catch him doing something wrong. Chef Chris also thinks that Kevin might be gay.
The waitresses have problems of their own. Lexi start working nights at a strip club. Nat is breeding rabbit (it's true), and Elisha is in an abusive relationship.
Drunken guests, weddings, celebrities, and more are the kinds of hijinx that we had a the Sandbar Grill.

Ten episodes are written.
The show's bible reads just like the pool's menu!

Episode 4 - Johnny Bee Good - Johnny tries to knock a beehive from a palm tree with a hammer taped to a broomstick.
Episode 5 - The Wedding - The pool dining area is cleared for a wedding reception. The loungers are moved for a live band - it's Chef Chris's band!
Episode 9 - That's Not The Toilet - The luxury spa is angry that Lexi never checks on them. The cabanas have a secret waitress, a blast from the past!

Submitted: October 16, 2020
Last Updated: December 7, 2020

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The Writer: Kevin Fleenor

Updated August 2021: Check out my 'National Days of What' on YouTube for an example of my voice-over work and a little acting acting. My very first job, at a video store, started my love for film and writing creative stories. Adjectives and adverbs became my best friends. My life took a detour as I moved to Detroit, got married, and had a son, but I never stopped writing. In 2017, I moved to Hollywood to break into the industry. I started with acting, appearing in over 100 films and tv shows within my first year. Being on set taught me a lot, and it was a ton of fun! Recently, I was in the film Voodoo Macbeth and the FOX show 911:Lone Star - also Miracle Workers alongside Steve Buscemi ,... Go to bio
Agency: MJB Talent Agency
Agent: MJB Talent Agency
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