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Gunfight Episode 1 - Get to Gunfight

Following his father’s murderer, Johnny enters a gun fight contest that has a lot more to dodge than just bullets. Zombies, vampires, and ghosts..oh my!



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If you imagine the best elements of “The Quick and the Dead” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, you’ll have a bit of the flavor of “Gunfight”. This supernatural series follows Johnny, our proverbial good guy gunfighter, on his journey to find his father’s killer. His quest lands him in a quick draw contest facing off against an assortment of malicious monsters, while falling in love and gathering details about the fate of his dear old dad!

Johnny gathers a team of misfits. They travel to the hidden desert town of Gunfight, where somehow the vegetation grows at a rapid rate.
Jill, Johnny's fiancee, is a tough girl. She totes a pink shotgun and she knows how to use it! Kidd is caught stealing at a casino, so Johnny saves him from certain death by adding him to the team. Mystery is a beauty, a loner, and a witch. She wants her property back, and it just so happens than Johnny is heading the same way.

Together, they enter into a gun fight contest against Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves, Wizards, and more! Fabian, their flamboyant host and referee, stirs the pot with even more gossip and drama along the way. Every episode brings us closer to the final battle of the gun fight. Who will be the last man standing?

Gunfight pitch
Submitted: January 23, 2020
Last Updated: July 17, 2021

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The Writer: Kevin Fleenor

Updated August 2021: Check out my 'National Days of What' on YouTube for an example of my voice-over work and a little acting acting. My very first job, at a video store, started my love for film and writing creative stories. Adjectives and adverbs became my best friends. My life took a detour as I moved to Detroit, got married, and had a son, but I never stopped writing. In 2017, I moved to Hollywood to break into the industry. I started with acting, appearing in over 100 films and tv shows within my first year. Being on set taught me a lot, and it was a ton of fun! Recently, I was in the film Voodoo Macbeth and the FOX show 911:Lone Star - also Miracle Workers alongside Steve Buscemi ,... Go to bio
Agency: MJB Talent Agency
Agent: MJB Talent Agency
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