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Two lovers from different worlds are caught in the cross fire when an Irish crime family battles a Russian syndicate in a bloody war of revenge.



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Original based on Shakespeare

We open at a small art gallery in Sacramento, California,
where young artist, IAN FAIN (22) is when he sees ANYA PETROVICH (21),the daughter of a rival mobster. They are instantly attracted to each other. Ian asks her out. The next day they make love. At the family home speaking with SEAN (40), his only surviving brother, the head of Irish crime family, they discuss what Sean wants for Ian. His study of art. Sean reveals that he knows of the love affair. Later that night, Sean is at a local watering hole downing a quick drink before closing. Meanwhile at his suburban house, Sean’s whole family are being butchered by DIMITRI KANAVALOV (30) a Russian mobster, ANDRE (35), his second in command, and several other MEN. When Sean arrives at his house, Sean is killed after which Sean’s genitalia are cut off. At the apartment of TERRENCE MATTHIS (25), a member of Sean’s organization, engaged in sex with AMIE (22). RAYMOND HODGES (27) interrupts the couple to tell Terrence that Sean has been murdered. Terrence is elated, realizing that he has just become a valued member of the Russian crime family by betraying his own. When they leave, Amie plants bugs around the apartment. Soon after a meeting is held of the Irish syndicate at the Fain mansion. There we meet CHARLES LYNCH (42) and JOSEPH FITZROY( 40), associates of Sean. They decided that they must convince Ian to go to war In the council chamber and we meet MARCUS ‘O BRIEN (55) and SAMUEL McMULLIN (60), WILLIAM FAIN (45), the former associates of Ian’s father and the latter, William, their father’s younger brother and trusted advisor to the family. Terrence and Ray try to talk the council to go to war. Ian heeds the words of his brother, who had advised to separate personal revenge from vendetta, Ian is concerned that any form of retaliation s would begin a war between the families. Charles and Joseph decide that if Ian does not eventually go to war they might take matter into their own hands. hands. Also after the meeting Ian calls Anya and informs her of the death of his brother. At the mansion of SERGEI PETROVICH (60), the head of the Russian crime syndicate.. Sergei calls Dimitri into his office and then harshly reprimands him for killing Sean, telling him that it will incite the Irish to war. Dimitri tells Sergei that the Irish are cowards. Dimitri encounters Anya, whom he hopes to wed, Anya thinks little of Dimitri. Meanwhile the Irish get taped conversations from Terrence’s apartment where he and Raymond are overheard conspiring with Dimitri. Ian recalls a wonderful time, a night on the town of drinking and chasing women, probably the last one that he, Ray and Terrence had together several months ago and is saddened that things have come to this. So he has no other choice but to have the two men captured and killed. Before they are taken off to die, Ian goes to see the prisoners, as to why they betrayed him. Terrence did it for power. Ray did it for carnal pleasures. To try and save himself, Ray reveals that the Russians have a heavily guarded warehouse on the waterfront. Even after this latest development, Ian is still reluctant to go to war but when Sean’s testicles are delivered to the council meeting. This infuriates Ian into declaring war. Terrence and Ray are taken off and executed. Dimitri realizes he has not heard from Terrence in a while and that this and the testicles are most likely the final act of insult will incite a war. So they discuss their plans for after the war, not knowing that Anya listening. Anya goes to her father the meaning of love. Sergei questions her as to what is wrong and she avoids the answer. She is also concerned for his possibly failing health. Sergei summons Dimitri and informs him if he fails to win, he will be killed. The Irish prepare to assault the warehouses. Ian talks with Marcus and Samuel arguing for moderation. Ian says that the hopes to develop a relationship with the Russians, Marcus who hates immigrants, argues that they should all be wiped out. Petrovich mansion where after being informed that his daughter has been secretly seeing Ian, their rival, Sergei orders her to break off their relationship, which Anya does reluctantly. Now Ian feels that he has nothing left that matters to him. That night Ian has a dream in which Sean comes to him and tells him to do the best he can in the coming war. Ian wakes, ready to fight. Joseph says goodbye to his wife. Charles says goodbye to his cat. Markus says good bye to Helen. After a short speech in support of them and an attempt to rally the men, Ian takes them to war. Three teams of Ian’s men attack, killing everything in sight. Meanwhile from a great distance, Tim picks off men using his sniper rifle. Joseph sees Markus kill a boy and reprimands him for murdering the child.. Finally the Irish prevail and proceed to steal all of the drugs, weapons and merchandise they find there. They then burn what they cannot takeback. Sergei is informed of the attack, he also tells Anya that she should leave the house, she refuses. Back at the mansion, Joseph tells Ian what he witnessed at the waterfront. Realizing that Markus is becoming a liability, Ian reluctantly decides to have him killed, but confronts him before making the final decision. Meanwhile, Dimitri orders some of his men to prepare to go to the Fain mansion to kill anyone left there, knowing that Ian will come for him and the Fain house will be lightly defended. He also reveals to Andre his plan, that during the fighting, Sergei will be killed and that he will become head of the family. Ian and his men go the Russian compound and attack. The Irish begin to overcome the numerically superior Russians. During the battle, Tim and Samuel are killed. Sergei and Anya are held up in her room waiting for the outcome. As the battle comes to a close and Ian corners Dimitri, he learns of the butchery at the family home. When Ian has Dimitri in his sights, he is stopped by Sergei. Sergei decides the end the bloodshed and kills Dimitri. Both men realize that there may be too much blood shed to gain a truce but Anya suggests the best way to achieve peace is through a marriage. Sergei agrees.

Submitted: July 10, 2018
Last Updated: November 29, 2018

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The Writer: Paul Pruett

I am a former actor turned writer. I have written several books of poetry and have been published in several anthologies and have these books for sale on Amazon. I have currently several completed feature length screenplays, a six episode TV series and several projects in current stages of completion, in addition to numerous shorts, lenght from 7 to 50 pages, which will be posted in the near future. I am an avid reader and trivia fan, who also enjoys travel, fishing and camping. I ask you to take some time a read some of my material and give some feedback on what you have read. I do feel that feed back, both positive and negative, only makes us better writers. I am full open to talking... Go to bio

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