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Job's Shadow

A spiritual man begins to lose everything. His career, his family dies and his health begins to suffer as a result, but does not lose his faith.



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We open with an OLDER MAN (55) and YOUNGER MAN (30) making bet over breakfast that JASON BOYER (45), whom they notice praying, would lose his faith in God if it were tested to the limit. After breakfast, Jason, a stockbroker, meets up with AARON BLAKE (40), co-founder of a large investment firm and together they go off to work. Again Jason asks Aaron to attend church with him. As usual Aaron refuses. Jason questions Aaron concerning misplaced his palm-pilot, which Aaron has not seen. The action moves to the Boyer family home where Jason’s wife, SARAH (40) is discussing the sinking of the backyard with landscape artist, FIDEL (30). DAVID (16), Sarah and Jason’s son comes out,asks to drive the car on his learner’s permit, Sarah relents. Fidel then informs her that the backyard maybe slipping and he will call a geologist. The action moves back to Jason’s office where Jason notes some money is being moved around in an odd manner. He calls Aaron who explains it With Jason at lunch. KATE (25), his secretary receives a phone call which seems to indicate that she is up to no good. Later at dinner, Kate’s lover shows up late, its Aaron. Kate is beginning to have second thoughts about her betrayal of Jason, however the money that Aaron is stealing is quite enticing. At the same time, the rest of the Boyer Family, including GARRETT (22) and CHELSEA (20) prepare to sit down for dinner. With David and Garrett discussing who gets more fun out of life as a devoted Christian. Chelsea arrives home and immediately goes upstairs to call her boyfriend. With the two sons defending their sister’s choice of men. At dinner Sarah renews her objections to Aaron being such a strong part of the firm. David convinces his father to give him more driving lessons over the weekend. Jason wants to make plans with his whole family, but everyone seems to be going their separate ways. Later that night at Aaron’s apartment Kate is starting to have second thoughts about what she is doing. The next day, Sarah goes to her Christian Women’s Club meeting and greets TORREY (60) and newcomer EMILY HARRIS (30), a cardiac nurse at one of the local hospitals. They joke that this church is a great place to find a man. At the office, Jason again is concerned about some strange accounting figures he sees on the computer. Outside on the street, two FBI agents WATERS (45) and ROYCE (35) prepare to move in and arrest Jason and with other officers from the SEC and LAPD they arrest him. In the jail, Jason is confronted by ROD (40) a tattooed biker, who begins to taunt him about his faith, Jason holds firm that God has not abandoned him. Back at the office, Kate is concerned that they will get caught. Aaron assures her that it will not happen. The FBI is now finished in Jason’s office, after informing them that the firm is closed until further notice,they are curious about Kate’s behavior. At the jail, Rod’s taunting of Jason continues with Jason beginning to try and share his faith with Rod. Finally Jason is given his phone to his attorney. Jason’s lawyer HUGH ATKINS (45) arrives and begins to relate the case that is building against Jason. But Jason holds firm, telling him that God only gives him what he can handle. The FBI arrives at the house with a search warrant, informing the family that they need to leave for a while. They decide to go down to the jail and try and see Jason. But before they can leave DANIEL (25) and his two disreputable friends, ZACK (30) and TODD (27) come in and ransack the house. Back at the jail, Hugh arrives in shock, relaying the news to Jason that the whole family was killed during the home invasion. Jason is in shock and as Rod laughs, he suffers a heart attack. Later that night Kate comes to Aaron’s apartment in tears over Jason’s condition and his families death. Aaron tells her to be strong and that she is in just as deep as he is and that they may have to leave in a hurry. With Jason in the ER, Hugh must face the FBI. The doctors inform them that Jason may pull through but it is too early to tell. The next day Aaron is interviewed by the FBI. After the interview Philip and Oliver think that Jason might not be the only one involved in the fraud. At the hospital, Emily discovers that Jason is a patient there and also learns of his tragedy. That night, Emily begins to pray at Jason’s side. Several days later Hugh comes back to see Jason. They talk about what Jason has left. Jason wallows in self-pity but Hugh wants to talk about the upcoming trial. They speak about off-shore accounts which Jason has no knowledge of. Emily arrives and asks Hugh to leave. Later that day, Aaron comes for a visit. Aaron tries to put the blame on God for doing this to Jason, but Jason will have none of it. Aaron suggests suicide because God is punishing Jason for his life style. Jason tells him that is not the answer, either. Later at Aaron’s apartment, he is beginning to pack when Kate arrives. She realizes that she might be making a mistake and goes to see Jason on her way home to pack. She talks with him about Aaron and how she envies his faith. As she leaves the FBI, who are tailing her, stop her for questioning. She confesses and then agrees to set Aaron up. She arrives at his place later, wearing a wire and gets evidence to convict Aaron. Days later, Jason is told the good news by Hugh and realizes that God has been taking care of him the whole time. A month later, Jason goes and visits his family gravesite with the Older Man and Younger Man watching. The Younger Man concedes the bet. Jason then goes to see Rod in prison, who although surprised by his visit, Rod agrees to see him again. A month later Jason goes to the trial where Aaron is found guilty, but after a plea from Jason only gets 25 years. That sunday goes by and Jason meets Emily at church and thanks her for her kindness, by asking her out to dinner. And with the Older Man watching from afar, she agrees.

Submitted: July 10, 2018
Last Updated: November 28, 2018

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The Writer: Paul Pruett

I am a former actor turned writer. I have written several books of poetry and have been published in several anthologies and have these books for sale on Amazon. I have currently several completed feature length screenplays, a six episode TV series and several projects in current stages of completion, in addition to numerous shorts, lenght from 7 to 50 pages, which will be posted in the near future. I am an avid reader and trivia fan, who also enjoys travel, fishing and camping. I ask you to take some time a read some of my material and give some feedback on what you have read. I do feel that feed back, both positive and negative, only makes us better writers. I am full open to talking... Go to bio

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