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Naked Man

Charlie P Nile sheds his clothes in an attempt to rid the city of crime.



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The scene opens with ARNOLD FINKLESTEIN, accountant for super villains, walking down the street, worried about being in trouble with the boss. He looks behind himself a lot, to see if he’s being followed. He enters thru a hidden door in an alley to a secret room where he meets a THUG, (a hired minion) and then confronts the boss. PHLACID SAYBRE is upset to hear that the Liza Minelli collection will be in place early that afternoon. A flamboyantly gay man dress in pink leather, limp sword as well. He is also concerned that HE might arrive and spoil his evil plans. Later at jewelry store a man robs it, fleeing down the street. As he runs we see a figure go by in a blur, with bystanders asking, “Is that him??” A cop takes up the chase when suddenly out of now where comes NAKED MAN. Leaping in front of the fleeing criminal, and allowing the cop to capture him. Naked Man informs the officer that it is his sworn duty to “ Expose truth and Erect justice.” The cop then informs his superior, who does not believe what was seen. The sergeant reports the whole town is having weird occurrences. A Ross department store was burned and graffiti was written on the wall. We then meet CHARLIE P. NILE (NAKED MAN), a mild mannered postal worker. We also meet STEPHANIE, a co-worker who finds Charlie annoying. We flash back to one year earlier to Charlie’s apartment complex later, where he finds out that one of his elderly neighbors was mugged again. Later that night another elderly woman is mugged. The woman suggests that the city would be safer if there existed some vigilantes to exact justice. Charlie decides that is his destiny. To be a crime fighter. Charlie stays up all night trying to think of an alter-ego. Finally, falling asleep late into the night. Awakened in the middle of the night and forgetting his costume, Charlie races down stairs to foil a mugging. Confronting the mugger in the buff, Charlie defeats the criminal. We move back to the present where Charlie’s boss is lecturing him for being late coming back from lunch. That night Phlacid Saybre, Arnold and several thugs go the museum to steal the collection. After encountering a security guard, they begin to steal the collection. A silent alarm is tripped and at his home, Charlie is alerted to the crime. He arrives to find two of the Thugs loading the collection. They are so surprised by his appearance; they fall off of the loading dock. Naked Man then goes inside to stop Phlacid Saybre. Phlacid Saybre sends his remaining thugs to defeat Naked Man, who once again defeats them. As the confrontation builds, Phlacid Saybre wants to be caught, but as sirens sound in the distance, Arnold drags him away. Naked Man is once again victorious. Later, Phlacid Saybre and Arnold are having coffee and have to order more thugs. We then meet MEL, the owner of THUGS R US, who supplies minions to all the criminals in the city. Next we meet KELLI, a cheerleader and super-villianness in training. She arrives at a shop which is a front for her boss RILED PUSSE’, a man-hating villianness, who is building a bomb to blow up a men-only golf course

Six episodes currently with professional concept art

Submitted: July 10, 2018
Last Updated: December 2, 2019

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The Writer: Paul Pruett

I am a former actor turned writer. I have written several books of poetry and have been published in several anthologies and have these books for sale on Amazon. I have currently several completed feature length screenplays, a six episode TV series and several projects in current stages of completion, in addition to numerous shorts, lenght from 7 to 50 pages, which will be posted in the near future. I am an avid reader and trivia fan, who also enjoys travel, fishing and camping. I ask you to take some time a read some of my material and give some feedback on what you have read. I do feel that feed back, both positive and negative, only makes us better writers. I am full open to talking... Go to bio

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