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First Drop of Rain

An insightful woman dreams of being a novelist, however, women’s writing is not taken seriously in 1777, so she must become as strong as the character she wrote to break barriers and publish her novel.



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Discovering Evelina (public domain)


FIRST DROP OF RAIN is a female-centered historical drama that offers a unique story of female independence during a time when there simply was no such thing. It is based on the historical novel Discovering Evelina (public domain) and my own research on the true story of Frances Burney, an author in 1777 London who first made men see women as valued novelists. Despite being set in the Georgian Era, the story’s themes of finding one’s voice and the ideal partner will resonate with modern audiences in a big way. Frances finds herself through her writing in a way the audience can see, feel, and experience for themselves. The fact it’s based on a true story that hasn’t been told before adds to the appeal. Many are familiar with Jane Austen. I desire to introduce Frances, the pioneer who cleared the path for Jane. This story reminds people that feminism is not a magical tree that sprouted in modern times. Instead, it is a garden that has been steadily growing, watered by many women throughout the years, starting with a small but decisive First Drop of Rain.

SUMMARY: FRANCES (20’s) wants to be a writer, but it’s 1777 and female writers are not taken seriously. She’s tutored in the “womanly art” of correspondence by HUGH LOWE (20’s) and they strike up a close friendship. Frances writes her novel, Evelina, and sends it to Lowe and Son Publishing anonymously. MILES (30’s) is an opera tenor who sees Frances at a dance and is immediately smitten. They begin dating but Miles isn’t quite who she hoped he would be. Miles is dismissive of her talent. Hugh reads Frances’ novel and he is hooked. He realizes Frances wrote the novel and she is quite talented. Evelina takes London by storm. Frances confesses to Miles that she’s the author. Miles cannot support her writing, so Frances breaks up with him. Frances and Hugh confess their love. Frances writes more novels and Hugh is her editor. From then on women were able to publish their stories.

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Jason R. Johnston - Director, Cinematographer

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CONSIDER (top 9%) by WeScreenplay

Atlanta Women's Film Festival - Official Selection
Big Apple Film Festival - Finalist
Best Script Awards, London - Winner; Best Drama Screenplay
Oaxaca Film Festival - Finalist
Barnstorm Media - Top 200 screenplays for 2020
L.A. Lift-Off Festival - Winner - Top 5 screenplays 2020
Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards - Quarterfinalist 2020
NYC Screenplay Awards - Quarterfinalist 2020
SWN Goldman Awards - Quarterfinalist 2021
WRPN Women's International Film Festival - Gold 2021

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Submitted: October 13, 2020
Last Updated: June 7, 2023

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The Writer: James Brosnahan

Jim is a published playwright and produced screenwriter. His journey into screenwriting started when he adapted his stage play Red Nose, Floppy Shoes for the screen. He went on to adapt his children’s picture book, a film titled The Music Box , for the screen. Both short films are set for release in Summer 2023. His work spans genres and he is a flexible writer who enjoys the collaborative filmmaking process, having worked with creative teams in the UK and the US. Jim has a thriller short in development, was recently hired to write a western, and his feature length biopic on Frances Burney titled First Drop of Rain has achieved success in screenplay festivals. Jim enjoys mentoring new... Go to bio

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