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When two best friends win the biggest ever EuroMillions jackpot, they shock the world by announcing their plan to use the money to prove the Earth is flat.



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Best friends, Simon Dunning and Nick Krueger attend a Flat Earth convention, buy books and other merchandise and meet some of their favourite F.E personalties including would-be rocketeer, Haddon Ford.

After signing on at the job centre, Simon signs the final papers in his divorce. His ex-wife and daughter both see him as a moron for his beliefs and even the lawyer makes a joke at his expense when he hears about his beliefs.

After a drink at the pub to celebrate his new found sexual freedom, Simon and Nick decide to buy a lottery ticket after hearing about the record breaking roll over jackpot. They pick their numbers based on Flat Earth 'facts'.

Simon and Nick present their Flat Earth YouTube show. Simon talks over and berates people with questions and Nick tries to answer them the best he can. Simon bans anyone he can't answer and praises people who agree with him.

After harassing some children in a school playground, Simon and Nick are bullied by a group of teenagers for refusing to denounce their flat Earth beliefs. Simon pushes one and runs for it, Nick follows but the gang are faster and beat them up.

Watching TV with Simon's mum and dad, he and Nick watch the lottery and narrate in delight as their Flat Earth-related numbers come up.

At a press conference, Simon and Nick announce their plans to use the money to prove the Earth is flat. The news report on it. Some are amused, some amazed, all are intrigued.

After being interviewed about their plans for the money by 'Holly and Philip' on Britain's biggest breakfast TV show, fellow flat Earther and psycho, Oscar Dwight, announces to his followers that Simon and Nick are government agents out to try and make him look bad. He plans to 'expose' them and prove the Earth flat himself first, by any means necessary.

Following another episode of their YouTube show, Simon and Nick embark upon a world tour to show off why the Earth is flat. Their experiments and examples are less than believable but complete proof to themselves and their followers.

At a live rocket launch by Haddon Ford to prove the Earth flat, Oscar Dwight steals the limelight with a speech. As he does so, two of his cronies tamper with the rocket whilst everyone is distracted. As Haddon takes to the skies his only parachute is ripped away upon launch and he crashes back to Earth with a splat.

'Holly and Philip' interview Neil de Grasse Tyson and Brian Cox about the death of Haddon Ford. Holy questions why someone would trry and go up in a rocket rather than take a plane and NdGT and Brian Cox disagree on how high the curve can be seen from.

After seeing the 'experts' disagree with each other on something they should be on the same page as, Simon and Nick offer NdGT $5-million dollars for his favourite charity in order to debate them.

Simon and Nick debate Neil de Grasse Tyson in front of a live audience and online. After a lengthy back-and-forth in which both sides get some licks in, Nick baffles NdGT with a counter to the Big Bang theory that is seemingly unexplainable.

Due to their stumping of NdGT, Simon and Nick are treated like rockstars by members of the public and put back in the limelight in the press.

When Nick proposes that the pair accept the possibility that gravity exists, Simon loses it and storms out. Nick drinks alone at a bar until he meets a sexy woman and fellow flat Earther at a bar. Simon pays for a private sex show on his laptop. Nick has sex and Simon gets pranked into jacking it to a man posing as a woman.

After making up, Simon and Nick announce that they will be holding a free event for all in which they will prove the Earth is flat once and for all live to the world.

Upon hearing the announcement, Oscar Dwight claims they are preparing to host a show written by Hollywood writers, but that he will be there to stop them.

Simon and Nick host their show. They make their case and present their case for a flat Earth. Afterwards they speak of how looks can be deceiving... and Simon's image is revealed to be a hologram as he broadcast lives from a specially made balloon heading for space.

After a Q&A session, a drunk Neil de Grasse Tyson argues with Nick until Simon reappears on screen and reveals his altitude. Upon hearing it, NdGT tells Simon that he'll be stuck in orbit if he does jump soon. Simon refuses and NdGT expresses his sorrow. Simon doesn't buy it and continues on upwards.

When Simon's cameras fail, they scream conspiracy but they still have audio and continue on until Simon's balloon hits a satellite. Having never believed them real, Simon takes a look down at the Earth and sees the curve for himself. He becomes emotional and realises that he was wrong. When asked about what he can see, knowing he's going to die he lies and tells everyone he has reached the dome. He lies about foreign lands beyond the dome and tells of a hole in it and his plan to go through it and discover what's on the other side. The Flat Earthers celebrate as everyone else calls b.s. Running near empty on oxygen, Simon begins to hallucinate. He sees the Earth become flat and thinks he was right after all. He does a happy man, celebrating as he slowly dies.

Being interviewed by 'Holly and Philip' Nick reveals his plans to join Simon on the other side.

Nick prepares a specially made rocket to send him up into the Firmament. Nick's rocket explodes on ignition and Oscar Dwight walks past the camera with a sinister grin.

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Emerging Screenwriters Quater-Finalist 2021.

Submitted: May 15, 2021
Last Updated: September 11, 2021

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The Writer: Matthew Mosley

ABOUT ME I am a sold and produced screenwriter from England who writes for all genres but with a passion for (mostly rude) comedy. Outside of film, I enjoy music, stand up comedy and martial arts. PRODUCED WORK: Sparrow (2010) (co-writer) (slasher) SOLD WORK: The Caller (2019) (co-writer) (horror/thriller) FINISHED SPECS: American Killer (serial killer thriller) American Losers (teen sex comedy) Bare Knuckle (MMA drama) Black Belt (martial arts action) Cheerleader Bloodbath (black comedy slasher) Flatheads (comedy) Let's Make A Porno (teen sex comedy) POWER (true crime) To The Grave (vigilante/revenge thriller) CURRENT PROJECTS: Getaway (action drama) Mum's Night Out (comedy) Sex Teacher (... Go to bio

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