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When two best friends win the biggest ever EuroMillions jackpot, they shock the world by announcing their plan to use the money to prove the Earth is flat.



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Simon is the alpha. The angry, aggressive, short-tempered, immature side of the duo. He is an egotistical, narcissistic person, who is terrible at putting arguments and coherent sentences together, and is married with a child where, based on his personality, you'd expect him to be single forever and a woman hater because of it. He talks down to, degrades and swears at anyone who dares ask a challenging question and often 'answers' questions with the same response (RESEARCH, YOU IDIOT!) because he's not smart enough to remember all the information.

Nick is the beta. The kind, light-hearted mature conversationalist of the duo. He is a caring, well-spoken person who is single where you'd expect him to have a partner. He isn't offensive and is willing to answer any question he can. Due to his easy-going softness, he often lets himself be interrupted and talked over by Simon without any objection.

Simon and Nick only have each other. They are mocked for their beliefs everywhere they go and if they didn't have their YouTube show... they'd probably be dead, as it has destroyed Simon's marriage (and made his kid think he's stupid) and stopped Nick from even meeting anyone.



After attending a Flat Earth conference, Simon finalises his divorce and 'celebrates' the end with his best friend Nick at the local pub. After downing a few pints and buying a lottery ticket on the way home, the pair go live on their YouTube show, 'The Dunning Krueger Hour', to promote their Flat Earth idiocy, and show how little they know about science in the process.

After trying to spread the 'truth' with some primary school children before having the police called on them, Simon and Nick are confronted about their beliefs by some slightly older children... and beaten up in the process.

Watching the TV with Simon's parents over tea, the pair watch the lottery and see their numbers come up. Jackpot. No one is more delighted than Simon's parents... 'cos now he'll be moving out.


After announcing to the world their plans to use their millions to prove the Earth is flat, the pair go on a media tour with their challenge to 'Gobehheads' to prove the Earth is round for £1-million.

Seeing that Simon and Nick have got everyone's attention, psycho-Flat Earther, Oscar Dwight denounces them as 'NASA-shills' given the winning numbers by the government as part of a ruse to 'prove' the Earth round and discredit his work. Oscar believes the Earth flat, but he HAS to be the one to prove it himself for the limelight, and he'll stop at nothing to do so, even if it means sabotaging his own side.

As Simon and Nick travel around the world broadcasting their experiments that 'prove' the Earth flat and even help finance a home-made rocketeers' efforts... only for it to blow up in their faces (and his) after Oscar Dwight and his team tamper with the rocket-man's home-made engine.

After the rocketeer's death makes the news, the duo challenge Neil de Grasse Tyson to debate them in exchange for $5-million to his favourite charity. Seeing easy money, he accepts and takes part, and after a back-and-forth, Nick proposes a counter-theory to the Big Bang which stumps NdGT and the two divide the public more, bringing them new-found-glory and followers.


With their new status, the pair announce and hold a free Flat Earth conference where Nick takes a Q&A... as Simon takes off in a specially-made balloon to take him to 'space' (which they don't believe is actually real.)

After reaching the highest point possible before return is no longer an option, Neil de Grasses Tyson warns Simon that he'll be stuck in orbit if he doesn't jump. But Simon thinks it's all part of the plan and remains airborne... until he hits a satellite (which he didn't believe in) and sees the true shape of the Earth: Round. Seeing he was wrong, he cries and (video having failed) tells the Flatheads on the ground that he has confirmed the Earth flat and is heading to a crack in the dome to seek far-off lands beyond. They cheer. He dies in space.

The End.

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Emerging Screenwriters Quater-Finalist 2021.

Submitted: May 15, 2021
Last Updated: February 5, 2022

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The Writer: Matthew Mosley

ABOUT ME I am a sold and produced screenwriter from England who writes for all genres but with a passion for (mostly rude) comedy. Outside of film, I enjoy music, martial arts, and stand-up comedy. PRODUCED WORK: Sparrow (2010) (co-writer) (slasher) The Caller Returns (2023, post production) (co-writer) (horror/thriller) (sold via ScriptRevolution, 2019) FINISHED SPECS: American Killer (serial killer thriller) American Losers (teen sex comedy) Bare Knuckle (MMA drama) Black Belt (martial arts action) Cheerleader Bloodbath (black comedy slasher) Flatheads (comedy) Getaway (crime) Let's Make A Porno (teen sex comedy) POWER (true crime) To The Grave (vigilante/revenge thriller) CURRENT... Go to bio

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