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To The Grave

When his brother is murdered, a lawyer must become Judge, jury and executioner in order to obtain justice.



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When his only witness to a crime fails to turn up to court after being beaten and nailed to a park bench, prosecution lawyer, Max Davis loses his case and a guilty man walks free.

After taking out the frustration of his loss out in the gym, Max sits down to a few drinks at his local pub with his brother, John, only to find the man he failed to put away out celebrating his freedom with a couple of friends. It's not long before they spot each other and words are exchanged. Cooler heads prevail and everyone carries on nicely. But after Max is gone and John heads home alone, he's set upon by two of the gangster's friends and is quick to kill them in self defence. He calls his brother.

Upon weighing out the pros and cons of reporting the incident, Max comes to the conclusion that they should bury the bodies and create an alibi. So they do.

When the dead men are reported missing, John is called into the local police station for questioning.

After questioning, John is released and Max's request for police protection is rejected. A corrupt cop makes a call.

Max advises John about how to keep himself safe just in case the gang come after him, John is murdered in his own home by a gang of thugs and their boss. A monster of a man by the name of Gary Gunn.

Drinking alone in a bar, Max spots a local drug dealer from John's funeral that was making fun with friends from a distance. After making a deal, he leaves. Max decides to go after him.

Following the dealer to a secluded area, he makes a move and beats the supplier to the ground wanting information about the murder. The criminal gives up a name then recognises Max as the lawyer brother. I.D'd and his father's life now threatened, Max does what he feels necessary, and kills him.

Max takes his dad, Arthur, to the hospital for x-rays. After seeing a shadow on his lunge, Arthur keeps it to himself. They bump into Cope dropping off the stiff outside.

Gary Gunn beats a man in his personal boxing ring as he shouts out orders for his minions to dig deep and find out who killed one of his dealers. His sparring partner is half killed before he demands a fresh fighter get in the ring, destined for equal destruction.

After DS Cope briefs his team, Max looks up the man the dealer he killed gave up. The address checks out and Max observes the man's local pub from a distance. After he breaks away from the group, Max follows him into an alley and gives him a beating for information. Not so willing to spill as the previous, Max half knocks him out and takes his phone. He finds a video made of his brother's murder and loses it when the man comes up and makes fun of it. I.D'd again, Max beats the man until his head becomes matter on his fists. The man's friend appears nearby, witnessing the attack and shoots at him, and after taking cover, Max runs at him as he reloads and kicks him with a flying knee before fleeing the scene.

After crying himself to sleep watching the murder video, Max takes it to the police station to confess. But when DS Cope mentions the press's sensationalism of a vigilante serial killer on the loose, he decides against it and leaves.

After asking his dad what he would do if he knew who killed John, Max prints off all the faces from the murder video, pins them to his bedroom wall then looks up all known associates of the dead men in order to match faces with the guilty.

After hanging outside a mysterious house, Max is surprised by a beeping car as it pulls up by his side. DS Cope. He offers him a pint.

Max and DS Cope talk about John's case and the 'vigilante' cases over a drink. Max plants an idea in Cope's head about Gunn's involvement in order to keep him off the right track. Cope bites.

When drinks are done, Max returns to the mysterious house, and when no one is around, he makes his move. After knocking on the door, he blags his way in by pretending to be a customer of a dealer recently jailed for possession. He pulls out a wad of cash to get their attention and tries to buy a gun. Seeing the money is too much to say no to and they bring out some choices. Max finds what he likes, pays for it then proceeds to kill everyone in the room. And take his money back.

Max and Cope talk over Fish & Chips. Cope's treat. He mentions the massacre and enquires Max's thoughts on a possible connection to the 'vigilante' idea. As always, Max has an answer. It makes sense... but something else Max says makes Cope think again.

Cope follows Max home. Max spots him and changes his direction and heads home. After still being pursued, he slows down to clear the cars between them both. Cope gets wise to it and seemingly gives up, turning off onto another street and Max drives home. But upon opening his trunk for his newly acquired bag of guns Max spots Cope's care pull up slowly at the opposite end of the street. He leaves the bag and removes a spare tire, slashing it for authenticity.

Max watches Cope's car from between the shades of his bedroom window in the dark. And when he finally gives up and drives away, Max suits up in all black and heads out. Armed.

After failing to kill one of his brother's murders instantly, Max goes to his dad with a bullet in his chest for help. He confesses about the killings and the murder video. His dad supports and understands his decisions. They spend the next days fishing and reminiscing before training hard in the gym for one last time. Max tells his dad he loves him and heads out to continue on his mission.

Still suffering from his injury, a target manages to get to safety and surprise Max from behind, knocking him out. The target removes his mask and recognises him instantly. He panics and runs straight to Gary Gunn and I'D's him as John's lawyer brother. The corrupt cop gives him an address.

Dazed and confused, Max awakes, realising his mask is off and his face has been seen. He calls his dad... only to have Gary Gunn answer. Max makes threats but Gary ignores all and tells him to say goodbye to his dad before putting him on the phone. Max tries to bargain his life for the video, but Arthur won't have it. He tells him he's already dead, and he should finish it for Johnny. Gary sets fire to Arthur. Max is forced to listen. The call goes dead. A message from his dad's phone comes through. A picture of burning Arthur.

Max grabs all of his guns and ammunition before stopping off at a church to confess alone the way... and ask God to stop him if he is there. No reply comes and Max heads straight for Gunn HQ.

At a stately manor-style house encircled by a giant wall, Max shoots dead men standing as security in different areas before spotting Gary Gunn surrounded by 20-30 of his closest men. Outnumbered he loads up both guns, stands in the doorway, and whistles for their attention. He opens fire and all hell breaks loose.

Max drops criminals fast as he unloads both guns, storming through the house like 'The Punisher' in chase of Gunn as his gang take up arms and return fire.

After taking out all he can find, he runs out of ammo and comes face-to-face with the corrupt cop. The two fight it out before Max throws him downstairs to his death. He bursts into the last room to find Gunn holding a shotgun. He's blasted in the chest. Wearing a bulletproof vest, he's only knocked over and pulls a revolver from his back and shots his to the ground. Unluckily, he's also wearing a vest and the two go at it hand-to-hand. Gary is much bigger and stronger and Max is already half spent from his killing spree, but when held down, Max manages to pull and knife and stick it in Gunn's knee to release himself and takes him to the floor. He takes a sword from the wall and removes Gunn's head.

Max is questioned by Cope about his whereabouts on the night of Gunn's demise. In church. Cope presents a theory of Arthur being responsible, due to his military background, fatal illness and want for justice. Killing before being killed by someone who got away. Max admits it's not impossible.

Max attends his dad's funeral. Armed. Just in case.

Submitted: November 14, 2020
Last Updated: November 14, 2020

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The Writer: Matthew Mosley

ABOUT ME I am a sold and produced screenwriter from England who writes for all genres but with a passion for (mostly rude) comedy. Outside of film, I enjoy music, martial arts, and stand-up comedy. PRODUCED WORK: Sparrow (2010) (co-writer) (slasher) The Caller Returns (2023, post production) (co-writer) (horror/thriller) (sold via ScriptRevolution, 2019) FINISHED SPECS: American Killer (serial killer thriller) American Losers (teen sex comedy) Bare Knuckle (MMA drama) Black Belt (martial arts action) Cheerleader Bloodbath (black comedy slasher) Flatheads (comedy) Getaway (crime) Let's Make A Porno (teen sex comedy) POWER (true crime) To The Grave (vigilante/revenge thriller) CURRENT... Go to bio

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