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Humanity must move beyond the confines of our solar system if we are going to survive.

This is the future. Not a future of hope, but of dogma, desperation and petty tyrants.
This is the future. A future of struggle, of survival, of lost hope.
This is the future of how one small group of idealists dared to challenge, dared to live.
This is the future of FORBIDDEN STAR.

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The Writer: David A. Lloyd

I have penned scripts for filmmakers Brett Kelly (IRON SOLDIER, ATTACK OF THE JURASSIC SHARK, HOMICYCLE, THE HUNT FOR JOHNNY RINGO, RAIDERS OF THE LOST SHARK & OUIJA SHARK) and Chris Turner (INVISIBLE ASSASSIN). I was also the head writer/researcher for Sonic SoundWorx/Antram House Interactive’s HOLLYWOOD BABYLON NOW (PC-CD). I was the Director and Co-Writer of THE LEGEND OF VIPER’S HILL which became the an official selection of the 2011 Wreck-Beach International Film Festival. I am also a novelist with details of the publication of my first novel to come soon. Go to bio

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