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Her Dying Wish

A headstrong Gen X'er must reconcile with her estranged father in order to fulfill her mother's wishes to have her remains scattered over an ancient Greek theatre.



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This story was inspired by my daughter. She is a newly minted actor, having graduated with a university degree in Theatre Performance. On a recent visit home, she informed me she would like her cremated remains to be scattered over an ancient Greek theatre. Confirming there was nothing amiss, I set my concerns aside. The writer in me kicked in, and the following script quickly unfolded in my mind.

Sara is in her twenties now, but she remains a member of Generation X, a cohort of children known as latchkey kids. The term had been around for some time when the moniker was, like the keys to their homes, hung around the necks of Sara’s generation. In the 1970s and 1980s, higher divorce rates and a lack of childcare options caused many children to be left wanting for the supervision they otherwise required. ‘Day Orphans’ is what they were called. In their teens, some found refuge in alcohol and drugs, others experienced an early development of self-reliance and adaptation to difficult situations.

Sara grew up in the latter group.

Submitted: August 14, 2021
Last Updated: October 25, 2021

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The Writer: Michael F Donoghue

I am thrilled to find a platform that showcases the work of aspiring writers. I started writing late in life, self-publishing three novels, including one historical fiction and two sci-fi dramas. It was during the process of adapting the historical fiction into an eight episode series, (I've completed Episode One and a Series Bible) and the second sci-fi into a feature length script, that I realized I enjoyed the art of screenwriting more than novel writing. I just completed an original screenplay, entitled, First On Last Off, which I wrote as a graduation gift to my daughter. She recently earned her degree from the University of Toronto's Theater Performance Program. I was happy to hear... Go to bio

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