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Into The Forest

In a remote forest, within an impregnable wall, it's waiting.



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Mena Mills was a tomboy child, she liked to climb, explore, dig and play sports. She might not be the best, but she was without doubt the most competitive; You'd not bet against her.

Playing in the park, her football was kicked over a forbiddingly high wall into woods beyond. Her friends walked away, resigned to never seeing it again. Mena studied the wall and saw a way up. with scuffed knees and bloody hands she scaled the old wall and, at the top, saw the ball- spinning gently.

When she reached it, it disappeared into the ground- right before her eyes.

Filled with a wonder-lust for inaccessible areas on the planet, Mena studies Geo-tech information and Cartography at Uni.

She discovers a remote forest in Northern Russia that has apparently never been entered. When she finds the reason this is so- it's enclosed within a huge and ancient wall, something elemental stirs within her.

On the Uni climbing wall she locks eyes with Harris 'Tweed' Tomkins. She hits it off with the Ex-Royal Engineer turned professional caver who shows a keen interest in the walled forest to which there is no entrance. He leaves for Central Russia on a caving expedition. Mena wonders if fate has brought them together.

Sure enough, when his business is concluded, Tweed invites Mena over to take a look at this mysterious walled realm.

They walk for three days just to get to the wall, such is it's remoteness. Enjoying each other's company, Mena has never felt more alive! But the way in- if there is one, proves elusive. A disconcerting sideshow are the eerie stick-men figures hanging by their necks from trees as an obvious warning. More disturbing still, they encounter packs of wolves, elk and even bears. But these creatures pose no threat- completely ignoring Tweed and Mena, they instead stare mutely at the wall- or what is beyond...

Mena spots a pattern in the stonework on the wall- a key to a possible entrance! But they are out of supplies and must return to civilisation.

Back in England, Mena gets a text from her intrepid friend- a picture of a dense, beautiful forest with the caption 'INSIDE!'

Mena gathers a team of friends; Sara, high maintenance and flirtatious but qualified nurse, and Nathan, bookish, naive botanist.

The four enter the Wooded realm via Tweed's discovery; a man-made tunnel lined with primitive art depicting humans burning. Mid way along are wooden struts that if moved will collapse the structure.

Inside it's a paradise! Untouched, unseen, unmapped. Thick dense forest of broad-leafed trees not otherwise found in the boreal pine forests of the Russian taiga. As they make their way to a supposed river and waterfall, Tweed becomes unnerved by sounds of wrenching wood deep in the forest.

After a couple days of trekking, they chance upon a primitive dwelling! An old woman appears and regards the adventurers with wonder, fear and perhaps pity. She singles out Sara, telling her an incantation in a primitive tongue that Nathan translates on his phone;

"Silence will come to you. Ensure it HE will"

That night they camp quietly, each troubled by the encounter with the old woman.

In the morning Sara emerges from her tent to find a man-size stick-man tied within a wooden wheel- a noose round it's neck, like a hanged vitruvian man.

She is properly wigged out. No-one has an explanation. Have they been followed? Are they being watched? Freaked out, they move off.

The river is found, which revives their mental state- although Mena cannot ignore Tweed's lingering unease.

The waterfall is spectacular! Falling down through the complete canopy. At the top they set camp. Through the trees they spy the wall circling round to their right. A reminder they are in uncharted territory.

In the night Mena is disturbed by shadows of flames on her tent, she emerges to find Tweed pointing over the vast canopy below- another man-size wheel appears impossibly high, clearing the tree-line...and on fire!

It vanishes below, followed by screams as it re-appears with Sara tied within- on fire!

Mena, Tweed and Nathan run, panicking. In their wild flight Nathan falls behind. Exhausted, Mena and Tweed stop, Tweed doubles back to search for the botanist. In the dark he sees a figure bending over- he approaches, to discover Nathan is lying prone on the floor- who, or what is leaning over him?

The thing turns- knew he was there all along. Tweed Flies to Mena, grabbing her as he runs.

During their flight, they encounter a larger building, containing offerings to a 'Wood Man'- an image of an biped seemingly made of wood in the centre of the temple.

The exhausted duo need to rest, but to their horror the Wood Man is not only real, but standing outside watching them from the trees!

Again they run - for their lives. Tweed falls and is immediately ensnared in Vitruvian wheel which violently rolls away.

Mena turns and runs blindly...right up to the wall. With nowhere to go, she turns and the Wood Man is standing. Nathan's and Tweed's severed heads on two thick branches protruding from it's neck.

Once more she runs- the Wood Man seemingly content to watch her pitiful attempt at escape. She finds herself back at the old woman's dwelling. There is no sign of the woman.

Mena Tries to retrace the way back to the tunnel- and escape. But somehow she comes back to the dwelling- again and again until, spent, she collapses.

When she wakes, another wheel is before her- with writing on it. With the last remaining battery life in her phone, she translates:

"To your home for ever welcome. Silence you will obey."

She hears the Wood Man, retreats into the dwelling.

In the corner- to her horror- the ball she lost as a child.


Submitted: January 18, 2022
Last Updated: January 18, 2022

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The Writer: Ron Green

My love for cinema is at it's most fulfilled when I am immersed in a good horror! There is no better feeling than that of creeping terror or dread of what might happen next! When executed well, horror ticks all the emotional boxes for the audience; along with the hit of fear realised, then (usually) overcome, are relief, panic, wonder, awe ...and in the best exponents, some comedy to give laughter . The whole should ultimately provide the audience with a palpable sense of satisfaction. I find the broad church that is the horror genre a liberating world in which to draw from, and add to. Anything is possible, the rules can be made up as one makes their way. Imagination is key. But also... Go to bio

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