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A sadistic psychologist condemns patients to death as her detective husband must solve the series of puzzling homicides. In the vein of BASIC INSTINCT and SMALL CRIMES.



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Crime Drama


Feature film, 90 minutes.


Budget ranges from shoestring ULB at $400,000 to low budget at $2.2 (allotting $750,000 for cast).


15 to 35 Male/Female, with an affinity to crime, dramedy, drama.


A sadistic psychologist condemns patients to death as her detective husband must solve the series of puzzling homicides. In the vein of BASIC INSTINCT.


The crime dramedy features a strong female lead (30's), great ensemble characters, awesome dialogue and a twist ending. Adaptable to any city, few locations, low FX and a high-concept story, the audience will love this low budget project.


Kendra, female, 30’s, an uppity back-stabber, athletic and assertive. A top-tier psychologist, with a soft spot for the animal kingdom develops an affinity for patient demise.

Victor, male, 30’s, indecisive and unshaven. A life-long walking mat with a knack for fighting and guns, clings to his job in the detective’s rank, and focuses on saving his marriage.

Jason, male, 20’s, a trapped bear. A disturbed veteran without focus struggling to adept to insurance sales, burdened with a child’s mentality.

Robyn, male, 40’s, a groomed baby-sitter. A police lieutenant, cunning with an appetite for destruction and cringy relationship advice.


Luxury home
Police station
Remote parking lot

Single Scenes
Lakeside park
Studio apartment

Hand-to-hand fight scenes.
Some firearms, simple shoot-out.



A life of bliss. A luxury home. A thriving practice. A pandering husband. Kenda has it all. With no more of life’s challenges, she has grown wary with her idyllic life. Her passive aggressive attitude worsens. Cynicism grows roots and the tiny voices in her head speak up.

Victor owes Kendra for his fabulous life and he tirelessly works to keep her happy. He’s newly promoted over a coworker to a fun detective job and works with a good bunch of guys. Victor’s lack of fashion sense is offset by his gift of averting catastrophe, great marksmanship and fighting ability. Kendra’s dour mood and problems at work could unravel his fragile kingdom.

Victor suggests Kendra could take pleasure in the things she controls. Tiny changes can spur excitement. He shares an anecdote of how his detective friends toys with fugitives to avert boredom. Kendra asks if the fugitives are set free and Victor says their fate was predetermined.

Kendra considers her broken patients beyond repair. At the urge of her World Wildlife plush monkey Bonobo, she convinces a patients to harm themselves. The patient strangles his ex-wife and commits suicide. She finds it thrilling.

Another patient drowns her children.

Victor investigates the troubling suicides and learns both were Kendra’s patients. She denies intent and he reluctantly covers for her although his coworker suspects.

Jason is an unstable claims examiner. He despises his job and coworkers. After Kendra bills for patient care after death, he stumbles upon the suspicious deaths. He believes if he can solve the case he will be promoted to a gun-carrying investigator.


A life in turmoil. An unstable patient attacks Victor. He faces demotion for not solving cases. A deadline set in the prenuptial agreement nears which could leave Victor broke. He realizes Kendra is intentionally harming patients and warns her to stop but Bonobo has her ear.

A patient’s husband seeks vengeance and tries to kill Kendra. In misplaced blame, Kendra thinks Victor had a hand it in. Under the guise of self-defense, Kendra convinces Victor to show her his Glock .40 caliber. He’s uncomfortable lying but something doesn’t feel right… he tells her it’s a 9mm.

After another patient suicide Victor demands she stop. She’s having too much fun and refuses. Besides, who in the animal kingdom would respect her if she quit? She worries that Victor may turn her in to the authorities. At Bonobo’s suggestion, she poisons him. Victor survives with a headache and a bad stomach.

Victor shares his predicament with his boss Robyn. Robyn offers some questionable advice based and insinuates he killed his first and second wife. Robyn convinces Victor that Kendra will stop at nothing to kill him and he must go on the offensive, as in the law of the jungle. Victor shrugs off the advice.

Jason begins to investigate Kendra but he quickly falls under her charm. She convinces him she needs a hero to save her from her abusive husband.

Victor’s resolve to save his marriage and protect Kendra begins to fade. Robyn chips away with more terrible advice. Kendra grows distant with him and continues to dispatch patients. He sees no way out.


A life in chaos. Kendra sets a trap. She plays on Victor’s weakness and hopes for salvation. She worries he may be planning something on his own.

She lures him to a remote area and tricks Victor into “letting her see” his gun. Victor suspects something and hands her an unloaded weapon. Kendra loads the gun with 9mm ammo. She gets a single failed shot at Victor before the gun jams.

Victor crushes her between his Tesla and her Porsche. He expects reconciliation or an apology in her final words. Instead, she pulls the trigger again.

Jason arrives expecting to find Victor dead and help dispose of the body. Instead he realizes Victor killed Kendra and he can’t be the hero. A bloody brawl ensues. Jason is about to finish Victor off.

The coworker dispatches Jason and then confronts Victor about his web of lies. Victor’s sets aside his candor and uses insight of Kendra’s alter-ego to create an alibi and play on people’s emotions.

Robyn applauds as Victor’s ploy works. Robyn clearly states he killed his wives and how this “intraplay” between middle-aged couples was inevitable. He congratulates Victor for a learning a tough life-lesson.

Submitted: October 14, 2020
Last Updated: September 19, 2021

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