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The Minute Clinic

Grizzly visions drive a broken geneticist to animate his dead son as a medical mercenary learns he was chosen by God to prevent the End of Days. In the vein of The Lazarus Effect.



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In his compulsive quest for a perfect child, geneticists Arnimus Muth and his wife Sadie Karis secretively implant an embryo into an unsuspecting surrogate. Soon Rhoneshia gave birth to Xavier.
In a bizarre twist, Arnimus leaves Sadie for Rhoneshia and moves his new family to a remote lakeside home where he and his son can fish and bond.
Arnimus grows frustrated with Xavier’s stunted development and his contempt spills over. An incomplete thesis costs him an esteemed university job. Lazy and uninspired, he takes a lesser position at a Minute-Clinic.
In an inciting incident, Xavier drowns and Rhoneshia commits suicide under the supernatural gaze of a gray-scale and sore covered Figure.
A series of visions leads Arnimus to a genetic breakthrough. With his grant renewed, he returns to the university lab and channels his vigor towards his new goal, an immortal son. He keeps his job at the Minute-Clinic to slyly conduct patient experiements.
Tuscan is a medical mercenary who recklessly pursuits cutting edge genetic research to sell to the highest bidder. Fresh off a successful venture, he infiltrates the university for a final job for untold riches.
He learns Arnimus has an incredible breakthrough and plots to attain Arnimus’ secret by any means necessary. He learns Arnimus is motivated by something more important than money and seeks Sadie’s help to steal the research.
Sadie despises Arnimus for his blind abandonment and she looks forward to seeing him fail. She plots with Tuscan to take credit for Arnimus’ research.
A series of nightmares drives Arnimus to finish the experiment. To ensure Xavier is born without flaws, Arnimus strips any trace of humanity from the DNA. He slyly implants a tainted embryo in a surrogate and monitors her pregnancy at the Minute-Clinic. Often tired and broke, he repeatedly steals Skittles which draws unwanted attention from store employees.
Tuscan realizes Arnimus has implanted a genetically constructed embryo in the surrogate. He happens upon a younger selfless version of himself. He feels some empathy after meeting with the surrogate. A priest’s insightfully words drive him to accept God. He decides Arnimus’ unholy work may create a soulless child and bring about End of Days.
A Snow Globe in the clinic begins to mirror the plot points.
The Figure makes overt efforts to abet Arnimus by causing an enemy to have a heart attack and erase video evidence of Arnimus’ suspicious acts. Arnimus suspects a supernatural presence but remains task focused.
The stakes are high for Animus. Arnimus is framed by Sadie and fired. Tuscan steals the notebook and all his life’s work is at stake. Police arrest Arnimus at the grocery store for theft. The surrogate fears Arnimus will take her baby and goes into hiding.
Evidence disappears and Arnimus is released from jail. Xavier helps him find the surrogate and maim Tuscan. Arnimus learns of the Apocalypse and the biblical tale of the Four Horsemen.
In the climax, Arnimus takes the surrogate to the clinic to give birth. On their way Tuscan and some henchmen try to stop them. Arnimus is aided by the Figure who now resembles Xavier.
Arnimus arrives at the Minute-Clinic. The cops and his ex-wife arrive. As the cops arrest Arnimus, she agrees to deliver the baby in exchange for his research. She stops Tuscan from killing the surrogate. The baby is near delivery and his ex-wife realizes something is horrible wrong. Time slows. The skin her face peels as the woman in the Snow Globe disintegrates.
A store employee tries to shoot Arnimus. Ash falls from the ceiling as a blizzard rages inside the snow globe. Xavier appears and Arnimus is now sure the Figure is impersonating Xavier. He realizes what he has done and recognizes the Figure as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In a final effort he attacks the Figure. Action slows and the color fades into gray-scale.
Arnimus makes a final leap to stab the Figure. Time slows and he fades to gray-scale as the Figure turns to face him. The sickening sound of dragged concrete.
The screen goes black.

Submitted: April 25, 2020
Last Updated: February 5, 2021

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The Writer: Rob Dunphy

Rob is an emerging independent screenwriter specializing in the feature thrillers. Rob lives in Los Angeles you may find him at work with a cup of coffee at Urth Cafe. Rob is interested in collaborating, OWA and getting your idea to draft. Go to bio

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