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After the president and other high ranking officials are killed in a bombing, an FBI agent struggles to uncover a plan that will put an unsuspected terrorist in the oval office.

During the State of the Union, the President, Vice President and Speaker of the House are killed in a bombing. Democratic Secretary of State Mark Hoffman was with a mistress and was absent during the attack. Mark’s wife was severely wounded with the President Pro Tem.

CIA agent Nick Hundley is briefed on the attack, the prime suspect is Hakeesh Bikir, a television audio engineer. Hoffman is escorted to a safehouse where Nelson tells him if the President pro tem dies, Hoffman will become president. Hoffman demands to see his wife but is forbidden from leaving. Nick meets with a television production company, gets information about Hakeesh. Jessica Mootz, house majority whip orders her team to find dirt on Hoffman. Nick finds Hakeesh murdered in his home.

Nick reports that Hakeesh is dead and gathers DNA evidence which leads to a known Chechen terrorist. Hoffman meets with Nelson about what his time in office will mean, Hoffman confesses he is not ready. On a tip, Jessica meets with Caroline and is told of the affair with Hoffman. Caroline agrees to go public. Nick gets intel from a Chechen informant that the bomber was acting on orders from a terrorist group with ties to al‐Qaeda. Hoffman evades secret service agents and escapes the safe house. He rushes to the hospital where he finds his wife in a coma, she dies in front of him as reporters flood the hospital room.

The President Pro Tem dies and Hoffman is told he is the new president. Jessica blackmails Nelson with the affair as the Senate holds an emergency vote and confirms Hoffman to the Presidency. Nelson confronts Hoffman about how real the affair is, he confesses to it. Nick’s team breaks into the bombers home and finds bomb making equipment along with a burner phone with no call history. Hoffman is sworn in as president and swears to find the terrorists responsible, he lies about where he was during the attack. Jessica tells Hoffman that in order to hide the affair Hoffman is to nominate Iowa Governor Andrew Fincher, a republican, to the vice presidency.

Nelson warns Caroline to be careful, she’s messing with the most powerful man in the world now. Nick meets with an analyst and discovers that the burner phone made calls to another burner that has been GPS data from inside the White House. Hoffman meets with Secretary of Treasury Daniel Keany, the democratic party front runner for Vice President. Hoffman tells him he won’t nominate him because of their disagreement on foreign relations, they both know it is a lie.

Hoffman announces his vice president as Senator Fincher, much to Nelson and the presses dismay. During the commotion following the announcement, Nick calls the cell phone, Fincher answers. Hoffman talks with Nelson about the affair going public, Nelson tells him it is taken care of. Caroline is stalked, attacked and left for dead in the street.

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"The premise of this show is a fascinating one... shows a knack for power dynamics... likely to grip audiences as the mystery spans continents and seemingly involves some of the world’s most powerful people." - Blacklist Review

Submitted: January 25, 2018
Last Updated: January 30, 2018

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The Writer: Ty Leisher

I’m a screenwriter and filmmaker. My screenplay, Line of Succession , was a semi-finalist at the Sundance Episodic Lab and my follow-up pilot, Nuns with Guns , stars Tom Sizemore and is currently in post-production with director Robert Enriquez . I’m currently in post-production on my debut feature, a supernatural horror film called 11th Hour Cleaning , that I wrote and directed. Read more about it on Bloody Disgusting or Scream Magazine . Recent writing projects include a mystery-thriller screenplay, The Vault , which sold to Brandon Clutton for Ascension Media with Harvey Lowry attached to direct, and Fugue State , which sold to Rogue Panda Pictures. I’m currently adapting Hemdale , a... Go to bio