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A weekend of debauchery turns to terror for a group of friends staying at an old lumberjack camp when a bloodthirsty log springs to life and embarks on a murderous rampage.

ERICA, 21, a germaphobic psych major with a catatonic mother in Shady Pines Asylum, learns that she's just inherited some land -- JUNIOR LUMBERJACKS -- a lumberjack camp started by her parents for rehabilitating crack addicted teens.

Determined to find out what drove her mom insane and who her father is, Erica heads out to the camp with her boyfriend CHUCK, best friend TODD (who suffers from hylophobia, the fear of trees), and childhood friends DYLAN, a typical jock obsessed with his car and KIWI, a carefree, hippie stoner.

Upon arriving, the party of five engages in seedy behavior, such as the ritualistic drinking, drugs and sex. Everything is groovy, until Chuck is brutally murdered by LOG - a rascally piece of wood that inexplicably springs to life with an insatiable thirst for blood and a penchant for buggery.

Erica's sanity unspools faster than Chuck's intestines around Log's branch as she tries to convince Todd (and herself) that what she saw was real.

A vulnerable Erica almost sleeps with Todd, but Log knocks him unconscious and knocks Erica up. When she births a bloody acorn, Erica realizes that she doesn't fall far from the family tree -- Log is Erica's father!

Dylan and Kiwi suffer equally gruesome fates, and after Todd witnesses Log with his own eyes, he's forced to overcome his fear of trees. Todd and Erica face off with Log for an epic showdown, using chainsaws, termites, axes... and a can of Pledge. The fight leaves Log engulfed in flames, and Todd and Erica logroll down the river to safety.

The next morning, Todd and Erica awaken on a beach. They finally admit their feelings for each other and make love. But they are not out of the woods yet! Suddenly, Log reappears and kills Todd! Erica and her oak embryo escape to a nearby road, where she commandeers a logging truck and drives home - with Log secretly riding on the back.

One year later, Erica enjoys pancakes with her gnarly family - mother CARRIE, Log, and Erica's DAUGHTER, a bizarre log/human hybrid that feeds on blood.

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“I was one of the readers/judges this year for the screenplay contest at CFF. I just wanted to say that LOG is by far one of the best scripts I’ve read in the last few years. And certainly one of the best to come through these contests. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard reading something before. I was also having a crap day that day, and your script made my day infinitely better. Congrats on the win, and I cannot wait to see this made into a film. It’s going to be awesome.” – Reese Eveneshen, Canadian Film Fest Contest Judge.

“Parker writes a bat-shit insane, beautifully crazy tale which is so strange, unique and terrible that it’s outrageously fun and a crime if it doesn’t get made. Was one of the funniest, fearless, most ridiculous scripts submitted this year, or any other.” – Warren Sonoda (director of Trailer Park Boys and the Canadian Film Fest.)

“Comedy Gold!” – WeScreenplay.

Submitted: August 1, 2017
Last Updated: November 22, 2017
Times Downloaded: 45
Last Downloaded: April 3, 2020

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The Writer: Alison Parker

Alison Parker is a Canadian screenwriter, director, and author, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She has directed and produced several award-winning short films that screened at nearly 200 film festivals around the world, most notably TIFF Kids, DC Shorts, and Whistler Film Festival. Alison enjoys writing comedy and all its subgenres, especially horror comedy. Her writing has been described as “gut-busting hilarious” and “bat-shit crazy”. Her horror comedy “The Fat Pact” was optioned in 2019. “ Log ” (about a Log that springs to life and kills people) won the Grand Prize at the Canadian Film Festival and awarded a $10K development grant from Harold Greenberg Fund. She signed a... Go to bio

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