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An obese teen is terrorized by a masked figure after wishing to be killed if she ever reached 200 pounds.

RILEY and JESSICA, two 16-year-old, overweight best friends make a pact one night: if Riley ever gets to be 200 pounds, Jessica will kill her. They laugh about it, but Jessica puts the pact into writing to prove she’s taking it seriously. Later that night, they hit a stranger with their car and Jessica flees from the scene. When Riley tells her mom what happened, word gets to Jessica’s parents fast, and suddenly Jessica cuts all ties with Riley and disappears from their school. Two years later, Riley has gained weight, a new set of equally chubby friends (DANA and ALICIA), and a boyfriend, MARTIN. Jessica returns to school, slimmed down and hot. SHIVANI, president of Diet Club and Peer Counselor of the Year three years running invites the entire school to a party at her house. Desperate to reconnect with Jessica, Riley drags her friends to the party. At the party, Riley avoids situations where her excess weight makes her uncomfortable, ie being alone with Martin. As Riley searches for Jessica at the party, she witnesses a horrifying figure in the backyard: an obese woman wearing a butcher’s apron and holding a meat cleaver menacingly. This is BLUBBERGUTS. No one buys into Riley’s paranoia about the gnarly figure, even after Martin is brutally killed by Blubberguts. One by one, Riley’s friends weighing in at over 200 pounds are murdered, their guts spilled into a tub that Blubblerguts keeps in the barn. Riley suspects the killer is Jessica in disguise, fulfilling the fat pact to seek revenge, but when Blubberguts embarks on a full on killing spree throughout the house, Riley finds out the killer is actually Shivani, wearing a fat suit and a terrifying mask. Riley is captured by Blubberguts and almost gets her guts spilled into the tub with her friends, until Jessica shows up to save the day. Shivani ends up cuffed and bound in a hospital room, as Riley dons the Blubberguts mask and stabs Shivani to death while Jessica keeps a lookout.

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Finalist at Screencraft Horror, Crimson Screen Horror, Shore Scripts, Stage 32’s Search for New Blood, Die Laughing Film Festival.

Submitted: May 31, 2018
Last Updated: June 14, 2019
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Last Downloaded: February 21, 2020

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The Writer: Alison Parker

Alison Parker is a Canadian screenwriter, director, and author, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She has directed and produced several award-winning short films that screened at nearly 200 film festivals around the world, most notably TIFF Kids, DC Shorts, and Whistler Film Festival. Alison enjoys writing comedy and all its subgenres, especially horror comedy. Her writing has been described as “gut-busting hilarious” and “bat-shit crazy”. Her horror comedy “The Fat Pact” was optioned in 2019. “ Log ” (about a Log that springs to life and kills people) won the Grand Prize at the Canadian Film Festival and awarded a $10K development grant from Harold Greenberg Fund. She signed a... Go to bio

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