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When her boyfriend gets killed by a werewolf before her eyes a teacher turns into a hunter in order to track down the creature behind the crime.

Reminiscent of recent movies like “Van Helsing” and “Underworld”, and tribute to universal monsters film. Miss Clark is a perfect blend of horror and broad audience heroic fantasy.

The script starts off during a full moon night. A young pair: Elisabeth Clark and her boyfriend are flirting in a car parked in a forest under the moonlight. A romantic scenery that suddenly turns into a nightmare when a hairy monster hand smashes the car’s roof and grasps the young man before Elisabeth’s eyes. Seconds later, the young man is devoured by the hideous creature.
A howling follows. Miss Clark becomes convinced that the creature was a werewolf.

Deeply traumatized by this horrendous occurrence, Elisabeth stays in a psychiatrist institution for several weeks and is forced to refute her belief in supernatural creatures to be allowed a release.
Once out she begins the researches that will enable her to track down monsters, and to find the one that killed her boyfriend.

But her progressing investigation casts doubts on some elements of her own past. Actually her life,  always has been packed with supernatural and magical elements.
Miss Clark grew up in a former circus and her mother, Susan, a fortune teller, lost her mind, briefly before her birth, for some obscure reasons.
Arty, a wizard and a dwarf, helped educate Elisabeth, and has always served as a guardian angel and a confident to her. Moreover, the wizard seems to be around for a particular mission and awaiting  a particular occurrence.
Susan's mental condition may be the result of Elisabeth’s father’s mysterious death. But as she inquires Arty on this, the wizard keeps responding she will find the reasons by herself when the time will come.
Nevertheless, Miss Clark has some childhood recollections: Her mother placing a silver pendant around her neck as she was a baby, a jewel supposedly protecting her against some unknown dark forces, she also recalls sharing an unusual friendship with a wolf in a zoo.

A manuscript exposes some of the dark forces Miss Clark has to deal with. The book relates the legend of a witch who created the first werewolf: Her son, who turns into a dark horseman and travels by night mounted on his black horse, to purchase peasants souls in exchange of gold-filled purses.
And this is exactly what is going to happen to Francis, a peaceful, good but poor farmer, a few nights before the full moon: The peasant accepts to sell his soul in exchange for his son and wife’s prosperity.
But as the next full moon approaches, Francis becomes aware this pact was a mistake and must faces the consequences of his unfortunate choice: He’s turning into a werewolf. When, Francis kills his neighbor during his first full moon night, he makes the decision to depart the farmhouse, for his family safety, and to find a cure that will get him rid of the curse.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth battles the army of darkness: Stone-made soldiers controlled by a mysterious force and she is providentially assisted by a gargoyle. She subsequently learns that the gargoyles have been the allies of the monsters hunters for centuries. 
As Arty discloses his secret grimoire to Elisabeth, she finds out that she has to pick up 3 formulas in 3 churches around the world in order to stop the rise of the army of darknes.
The secret formulas are an alleged remedy to lycanthropy written by Gilles Garnier, a farmer turned werewolf convicted of witchcraft and burned at the stake, in France, 1573.
Once put together the complete formula must be pronounced in Stonehenge before the next eclipse, to stop the dark power of the witch and to prevent the army of darkness from walking earth.

Soon after, Miss Clark meets with Francis, who manages to convince her to spare him and suggests Elizabeth a partnership, Francis will agree to use his newly acquired supernatural strength to help her accomplish her mission, and in return, Elisabeth will help him rid of the malediction.

Will Miss Clark be able to find the formula and pronounce it before the next eclipse, subsequently avoiding the army of darkness invasion? Can she join forces with Francis the lycantrope without putting her own life into jeopardy? What are the dark secrets surrounding her own past, her father's death and what is her connection with the supernatural world and the werewolves?

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Wolfgang Lackner (composer) attached.

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Submitted: October 27, 2018
Last Updated: October 11, 2020

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The Writer: Jordan Tate

Jordan Tate is a productive female screenwriter focusing on thriller, fantasy, horror and stories based on actual events. Her work has been strongly influenced by Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, Brian DePalma and Dario Argento her favorite director. She loves to put audience on the wrong track with characters that are never what they seem to be. She often quotes the legendary movie "KING KONG"as being behind her vocation. Go to bio

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