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Mnemosyne Project

A man plagued by visions of a murder wakes in a strange medical facility with no memory of who he is and his face completely bandaged.



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Patient Two Forty One wakes from a dream. He is in a hospital bed, his face completely bandaged, he has no memory of who he is. Doctor Miller tends to him. She tells him he was in a car accident before giving him a blue sedative.

In his dreams Two Forty one sees two men on a hillside. He is knocked to the ground by a cyclist. When he looks up the cyclist is pointing a gun at another man who cowers on the floor by a car. Both men have bandaged faces like Two Forty One. The cyclist fires and we cut to Two Forty One standing in front of a mirror he is bandaged face to bandaged face with the killer who raises the gun. BANG!

Two Forty One wakes to discover he is talking to Doctor Miller. She asks him about the car accident and how he swerved to miss a cyclist. Two Forty One is confused. Doctor Miller gives him a shot of the blue sedative again and he falls into the blue for of his dreams again.

Two Forty One dreams again this time we see a face. The face of a killer.

Doctor Miller runs more tests. Two Forty One is on a tread mill. Other patients walk past. The sight of two other men with bandaged faces sets off Two Forty One he starts having visions of the hill side. The men, the shooting. He runs faster and faster. Doctor Miller cuts the machine and scolds him.

Walking back to his room Two Forty One is attacked by a fellow patient. He tells him they are experimenting on his brain before the man is chased off by hospital security.

Back in his room, Two Forty One is tormented by a dream he sees the faces of two men one a killer the other the patient who attacked him.
He wakes and confronts Doctor Miller to tell him who he is. She panics and calls security. Two Forty One escapes finding a room with a mirror. As Doctor Miller and the guards search the hospital, Two Forty One removes the bandages. Eventually they find the patient but by the time they break into the room the patient is gone leaving a bandage blowing in the wind by an open window.

Rip reel trailer.
Submitted: April 9, 2019
Last Updated: July 24, 2020

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The Writer: Neil McLarty

Script supervisor by day and award winning screenwriter and director by night. Fan of Hitchcock, Friedkin, Carpenter, Spielberg, Raimi and more. Sci-fi, Horror, suspense and the high concept. Believer that the kitchen sink is for washing dishes and compelling cinema comes from compelling characters. Will write a proper bio soon or never. More likely never. Go to bio

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