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Sweet Pea

A rebel soldier in a future England must decide between duty to her daughter or duty to her Colonel in a moment of crisis.



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In a future England, cybernetic xenobot technology has created a two tear society. The wealthy "Cybers" and the poor "Unaltered". Cybers have all but cured death and disease and now see themselves as a superior race. The Unaltered fight for equality and freedom but they are losing. The last pocket of resistance comes from the Northern Militia but their Colonel has been murdered and their base located. Cass, a soldier with the Militia, must find the traitor amidst the evacuation before it is too late and all trace of the killer is gone. But Cass has a daughter who is terminally sick and she must also get her out safely before the Cybers storm the building.

Cass is helped in her investigation by Wood, a no-BS soldier loyal to the Colonel and the cause. They speak to an angry Lieutenant, who is more concerned with the evacuation than what happened to his commanding officer.

They speak to Adams, a private on morgue duty who suggests that a K-20, a cyber-enhanced assassin might have been brought on base. Their hunt for the K-20 leads to a cybernetic Engineer the colonel had been keeping as a prisoner. He explains the Colonel was sick and was trying to democratise the cybernetic technology within the K-20. But the base comes under attack. They are out of time. Cass gets her daughter out and the Engineer reveals a terrible truth.

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FilmQuest - Official Selection and Finalist.

Grim North Screeplay Competition - WINNER best Thriller Short.

Sweep Pea Sizzle Reel.
Submitted: April 10, 2019
Last Updated: August 2, 2022

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The Writer: Neil McLarty

Neil has worked in the UK film and TV industry for the past seven years. He started out as an editor interning at The Other Planet post house in Leeds and BBC Yorkshire. Neil soon settled into a career as a Script Supervisor after landing his first job on an NFTS graduation film. Since then he has gone on to work on feature films, children's TV and High-End dramas for the likes of Amazon, Netflix and ITV. Neil's ambition is to write and direct and he has won a number of accolades for his writing including being a ScreenCraft Horror Finalist in 2020, a Filmmatic Horror Semi-Finalist in 2021 and placing in smaller festivals such as Austin After Dark and Film Quest. Go to bio

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