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What Dwells in the Dark We Put There

Alone in an isolated cottage, a woman struggles with the darkness of the countryside around her unaware that something is stalking her.



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Bonnie is a young woman with a dark past. While seemingly on holiday at a remote Scottish cottage she struggles to cope with the pitch black of the countryside around her. Unfortunately for Bonnie, as she sips vodka and looks at photos of her old boyfriend something evil approaches the house.

The lights cut out and Bonnie moves through the kitchen to find the fuse box which is in the cellar. The lock on the cellar door is old and rusted shut and she slices her fingernail off. As she cleans the wound a loud THUD comes from the front door.

Terrified, Bonnie approaches the door. She finally opens it and shouts out to the empty dark beyond. But, when she closes the door the Entity is behind her, in the house.

Alone and terrified, Bonnie ops to get drunk and sleep it off till morning but the Entity has other ideas.

Submitted: April 12, 2019
Last Updated: November 11, 2019

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The Writer: Neil McLarty

Script supervisor by day and award winning screenwriter and director by night. Fan of Hitchcock, Friedkin, Carpenter, Spielberg, Raimi and more. Sci-fi, Horror, suspense and the high concept. Believer that the kitchen sink is for washing dishes and compelling cinema comes from compelling characters. Will write a proper bio soon or never. More likely never. Go to bio

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