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Tartan Army

An agoraphobic football fan decides to face his demons by going to Las Vegas to watch the World Cup with his brother, only to end up being hunted by cannibalistic monsters.



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Jack, traumatised by the tragic disappearance of his friend Davie when they were boys, now struggles to cope with everyday life and crippling agoraphobia. However, when Scotland qualify for their first World Cup in over twenty years Jack is persuaded by his handsome and successful older brother Marc, to go to the first game in Las Vegas.

On the way to Sin City they meetup with a motley crew of Tartan Army foot soldiers ready for adventure and a no small amount of alcohol. They also (literally in Jack's case) bump into Abby a tough, whip smart African American PI in training on the trail of Russian mobsters.

Marc takes them to the hotel and casino complex inside the newly built arena where Scotland will play their first match. Jack is taken aback when it is revealed they are staying there. He explores the floor taking in all the sights, sounds and high end rollers. He spots a Russian oligarch escorted by heavily armed security.

Later Marc leads them to a bar on the edge of town where he has arranged to meet a friend. It's a dark, unwelcoming place frequented by Eastern European thugs. Jack is shocked when Marc's friend turns out to be Shaun, the older brother of the boy who went missing when they were kids. Shaun has always blamed Jack for the disappearance of Davie but now wants to make amends. Jack does not buy it.

The party rages. Jack is surprised to bump into Abby again. What is she doing here?

Men enter the bar and nod to the barman. He hands out free shots to everyone. But the shots are drugged and Jack and everyone else blacks out.

Jack wakes in a cramped shipping container. Others wake and scream as the floor beneath them opens up and they all fall into darkness.

Now on the killing floor, Jack and the others find themselves surrounded by rotting corpses and body parts. Then out of the shadows crawl The Hunters, animalistic cannibals who set upon them. Jack and Abby escape with their friends, Juls and Wee Fan. Marc escapes with Shaun and a big Highlander called Columbus. However, as they do, they come face to face with The Capcaun. A hulking terror that dwarfs the other hunters. It tears one of their companions to pieces.

The survivors navigate the tunnels while evading hunters and The Capcaun. Jack, Wee Fan, Abby and Shaun are reunited at a towering missile Silo underground. They climb the towering structure but the Capcaun is on their tail.

They are saved at the last minute by Marc who is above them. Jack thinks he has killed the monstrous Capcaun.

They make their way to a control room where Shaun is revealed to be the real villain. This was all a heist. Shaun and his partner are hitting the Russian oligarch and other high rollers in the stadium who have been gambling on who survives.

Shaun kills Marc and escapes into the stadium with Abby as his hostage.

Jack and Wee Fan escape as the security team and hunters clash, but The Capcaun follows them up and into the stadium.

The monster wreaks horrific carnage on the fleeing football fans. Wee Fan rescues a girl and a cop but is chased by the creature.

Jack makes his way to the casino, suffocated by the huge crowds of people fleeing. But he fights his fears and makes it to the Russian oligarch private box where he confronts Shaun. There is a firefight when Hunters make their way up also but Shaun escapes.

Hunters loose in the stadium cause havoc. Abby and Fan take them on with the authorities while Jack goes after Shaun. They fight and Shaun is eventually killed when The Capcaun appears and kills him. Jack then kills the Capcaun and it falls to its death.

Abby, Fan and Jack are reunited only to discover that Scotland also lost the football match.

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ScreenCraft Horror Screenwriting Competition - Finalist.

"This script is fantastic...absolutely dripping with unique voice from the very beginning. The concept is not only shocking, but uproariously funny." Screencraft Semi-Final Feedback.

"Stylistically similar to such horror comedy classics as Shaun of the Dead and return of the Living Dead... Producers looking for a cinematic, memorable and ready to shoot horror comedy should find themselves incredibly excited by this current draft." Screencraft Feedback 1st Round.

"A fun horror story with good dynamic characters." Slamdance feedback.

Submitted: March 16, 2020
Last Updated: November 15, 2021

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The Writer: Neil McLarty

Neil has worked in the UK film and TV industry for the past seven years. He started out as an editor interning at The Other Planet post house in Leeds and BBC Yorkshire. Neil soon settled into a career as a Script Supervisor after landing his first job on an NFTS graduation film. Since then he has gone on to work on feature films, children's TV and High-End dramas for the likes of Amazon, Netflix and ITV. Neil's ambition is to write and direct and he has won a number of accolades for his writing including being a ScreenCraft Horror Finalist in 2020, a Filmmatic Horror Semi-Finalist in 2021 and placing in smaller festivals such as Austin After Dark and Film Quest. Go to bio

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