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Mystery Pines

A beautiful widowed British detective gets her first assignment in America – solving the murder of a despised small town sheriff. Everyone in town knows the killer but they’re determined to stop her investigation.



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Investigator Blessey Greene is starting a new life at the DA’s office in NYC after the murder of her police husband in London during a drug bust. But life takes another left turn when she is deputized to solve the murder of Sheriff Joe Gains – the brutal and hated hand of the law in the small upstate NY town of Mystery Pines. She has a way of getting people to talk – but that skill will be put to the ultimate test as her vow to “never let a cop killer go free” is on the line.

Blessey’s first encounter is with Deputy Bill Denny, the town’s African American Sheriff’s Deputy who has been getting little to no cooperation from the citizenry – several of whom witnessed the murder. Bill is the rare minority in the area. He’s a long time resident and accepted by the people but kept at arms length. He helps Blessey as best he can, but – in the end- he will play a role that she never could have guessed.

Among the townspeople introduced to Blessey by Bill is Janice a deaf single mother and cancer survivor and her 10-year-old daughter Deliah. Blessey learns that Janice had a long running, stormy affair with the late sheriff. She befriends little Deliah who is beloved in town and with her good-natured manner seems to always get her way. In fact, she helps Blessey by insisting that people start opening up to her about the murder of Sheriff Gains – but still without much progress.

In time, Blessey learns from Deliah that Sheriff Gains had abused her mother but the child clams up and becomes less co-operative when her mother senses that Blessey is pushing the envelope a bit too much. Convinced that the child needs counseling- and may also bring about progress in the investigation – Blessey arranges to have her interviewed by a child psychologist and also plans to exhume the Sheriff’s body to gather more evidence his killing.

But Blessey is under the gun herself. Her boss back in the city is running for re-election and he needs the backing of wealthy deal maker Mason Argyle who – as it turns out – is the uncle of the murdered sheriff and wants the killer arrested in one week – or he will stop signing checks, and send his own enforcer to get to the bottom of the killing. Things really come to a boil when Blessey is woken at gunpoint in her hotel room by a masked intruder who demands that she leave town – or else. What’s worse – Janice’s cancer has returned and she is now in the hospital with a terminal diagnose. Blessey ends up in the same hospital with badly bruised ribs after crashing her car in a fruitless car chase of the suspect who broke into her room.

But Blessey doesn’t back down. She attends the psych interview with Deliah and to her shock learns that the dead Sheriff had also seriously sexually abused the child. The stress on her and the investigation has now become unbearable and everything hits the fan – with only Deputy Bill Denny to step in with the key to the mystery that he has been hiding all this time - and really bring the house down as Blessey makes it one for the books.

Submitted: May 3, 2022
Last Updated: May 26, 2022

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The Writer: Jim Sheehan

Writer/producer for news, documentary and entertainment shows out of New York and Los Angeles - including Paramount TV, Showtime, ABC Network, Fox Network, CNN, Discovery, Science and History Channels. I am refocusing my career and have several feature length scripts on the market in crime, comedy and drama genres. My various IMDB credits which are comprised of several "Jim Sheehan's" and one or two "James Sheehan's", I promise, all of whom are me. I have looked into how to consolidate all the IMDB profiles but it seems that actually writing another script or two is easier - and much more therapeutic. Life is short. Go to bio

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