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One Last Thing

The spirit of a dead biker is tasked with saving a girl who's been kidnapped by a sadistic killer. With the help of a student he must save the girl and stop the killer.



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Carl is a biker who dies in a traffic accident in 1986, as it moves to present day a man is seen driving down the same stretch of road. The man notices Carl and swerves violently blowing one of his tyres, as he comes to a sudden halt he's forced to get out and change the wheel. When the man opens up his trunk he's greeted by the image of a young kidnapped student that he has bound and gagged in his Trunk. The girls name is Becky and she is soon seen screaming out for Carls help, from this point on it's a race against time for him to save the girl.

Carl decides if he's to save the girl he'll need to find someone who can see and hear him. After days of lingering round a college he comes across a student by the name of Jake who he notices can see him. He eventually convinces Jake to help save the girl. It soon becomes clear that the dean of the college is the killer and Carl and Jake must work together to prove the deans guilt and find the girl.

As Jake gets closer to getting the evidence he needs it soon becomes clear that he'll need a little help from some of his friends. Jake soon convinces his roommate of the deans guilt and recruits him to help save the girl, he also gains the help of a girl named Sarah who he has a crush on.

Jake runs into trouble as the dean starts to suspect that one of his students is paying far too much attention to his activities. As he's dealing with the dean he also has to contend with an angry ex boyfriend by the name of Brad, thankfully Carl's on hand to rescue him on all but one occasion.

As things begin to take a turn for the worse it's decided that the police won't be able to help, eventually Jake, Sarah and Carl decide to rescue the girl themselves.

Submitted: March 17, 2023
Last Updated: March 18, 2023

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The Writer: James Eden

I've always had a keen interest in writing and decided it was time to give it a go full time. Hopefully people will give my work a chance and see what they think. I've been active on youtube over the last few years and through associating with people in the tv and film industry I've decided this may be something I have a talent for. I'll hopefully be able to fill this up with something a little more substantial later but for now good luck everybody. Go to bio

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