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The Creature

It's 1912 and on a small secluded island off the coast three lighthouse keepers must fight to survive as an unidentified craft crashes to earth carrying a deadly creature.



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Bill is a man with a story to tell, a doctor speaks to him in a psychiatric hospital in the year 1942, Bill tells the doctor how he came to be in the hospital. The story starts in 1912 as Bill, Pete and Tom are seen waiting for supplies down at a small dock, Arthur arrives and drops off a couple of months worth of items to keep them going before leaving them again to sail back to shore.

a few days passes on the island before a friend called Frank arrives, he has his three sons with him. Frank is a small-time smuggler who stores some of his items in a cave on the island to avoid the attention of the local authorities. As a storm sets in it's decided that Frank will have to spend the night on the island up at the lighthouse, as the storm rages late at night Pete sees two strange glowing objects in the sky. Pete decides to tell Bill and Tom what he's just seen, as they go up to the main light to look for the objects they see nothing and presume that Pete's imagination has got the better of him. Eventually Tom and Bill do see the objects, after watching them they see some kind of weapon being used, as one of the craft seems to suffer damage it soon comes crashing down near the rocks not far from the dock. They decide to take a look, Bill wakes Frank and they all go down to see where it crashed.

The craft is seen barely floating in the distance as Bill and Frank make their way over to it in a small rowing boat. As they arrive Frank jumps out of the boat and on to the craft before noticing an opening. Frank climbs inside and sees two large alien creatures lying motionless, their bodies covered in what look like green blood. Thinking the creatures are dead he spots what looks like a huge glimmering diamond on a small metalic disc, he quickly grabs it and makes his way out of the craft and back on to the boat before heading back to shore. It soon becomes apparent that one of the creatures isn't dead and it begins to kill as it looks to retrieve what was stolen. Bill comes up with a plan as they look to stop the creature but before long only Bill is left to tell the tale.

Submitted: March 18, 2023
Last Updated: March 18, 2023

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The Writer: James Eden

I've always had a keen interest in writing and decided it was time to give it a go full time. Hopefully people will give my work a chance and see what they think. I've been active on youtube over the last few years and through associating with people in the tv and film industry I've decided this may be something I have a talent for. I'll hopefully be able to fill this up with something a little more substantial later but for now good luck everybody. Go to bio

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