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In the future, a network predicts an individual's chance of success or failure at anything. For a man about to lose his job, he embarks to cheat the system, discovering his humanity in the process.

In a pre-apocalyptic future, mankind stays connected through a Probability Analysis Network, giving any individual their chances for success or failure at anything.

For Billy, though, a young man trying to connect with a woman, nothing can prepare him for the day he's notified that unless he escalates his productivity at work, he's fired.

With no options in front him, he stumbles onto an underground network of Bumpers, people who can cheat the system, and his hope to continue his way of life drives him forward, to the mysterious young woman known as Jasmin.

She's not without her troubles, though, her past veiled in secrecy, and informs Billy that to become a Bumper, he must first do a job, and that...yes, he should lay low, because the FBI have a special task force dedicated to breaking Bumpers from their cheating ways of life.

At the FBI, Agent Emma Ludlow's strongest desire remains to break Bumpers. She teams up with Agent Malick, a grizzled veteran with a mysterious past of his own, and the two set out to Billy's city, on the hunt to round up every Bumper they find.

As for Billy, it becomes clear that he may have bitten off more than he can chew, as Jasmin leads him down a twisting path, the two on a collision course with Ludlow and Malick, where secrets will be revealed and lives forever changed...

Submitted: January 23, 2019
Last Updated: February 14, 2019

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The Writer: Joseph Laramore

A dude always asking questions, settling into the solace that writing allows, to expand into realms of infite possibility and meet characters struggling through the mysteries surrounding them, burdened by failure, seeking a mere glimmer of hope, asking the questions that guides them onward, and perhaps tripping over an answer that suddenly seems so apparent, I must then wonder how I had not seen it from the beginning. Go to bio

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