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In a small town, three women struggle to survive the night, holding to their humanity, as an infection transforms the female population into unstoppable killing machines.

In the coastal town of Bayview, on a seemingly random night, a pregnant woman tucks her daughter in bed, about to head off to the local hospital and work another night shift.

Before she can leave the house, though, a dark figure kidnaps her, leaving the daughter alone in the world.

Twenty years later.

On another seemingly random night...

A mysterious infection has creeped into the town, leaving twelve women in a coma, another in the morgue, as more women flock to the hospital with flu-like symptoms.

Kalie, a dutiful nurse, wants the best for her and her boyfriend, Dale. He's got plans, but she's not sure if those plans might actually tear them apart. On the verge of moving one step closer to those plans, she gets the message that's she's needed at the hospital.

Isabelle, a stubborn medical examiner, does all she can for her and her daughter, Beth, to move on to bigger and better things. The mysterious infection is her ticket, and the woman in the morgue may very well take her one step closer to realizing her dreams.

Rachel, a spirited police officer, wants to separate from her husband, Morris, and explore all life has to offer on her own. The dead woman in the morgue ignites her imagination, and she jumps at the chance to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death.

What these women don't know, is that the small town of Bayview will undergo a transformation, and all their plans will crumble as their community descends into madness.

Women will attack men. Men will hunt women. The rules of morality will come into question.

And who is behind this infection?

In the ensuing chaos, Kalie, Isabelle and Rachel will come face to face with the instigator of these events, holding to their humanity in the process.

And how does one woman kidnapped twenty years earlier factor in?

Only time will tell...

Submitted: June 6, 2018
Last Updated: June 16, 2018
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The Writer: Joseph Laramore

A dude always asking questions, settling into the solace that writing allows, to expand into realms of infite possibility and meet characters struggling through the mysteries surrounding them, burdened by failure, seeking a mere glimmer of hope, asking the questions that guides them onward, and perhaps tripping over an answer that suddenly seems so apparent, I must then wonder how I had not seen it from the beginning. Go to bio

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