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About to inherit a fortune from their great grandfather, five cousins must spend a night together and confront their past and future mistakes, as those mistakes take form, manifesting in deadly ways.

Having waited twenty years since the death of their great grandfather, five cousins meet at a house to finally take their inheritance.

For Jack and Leanna, brother and sister, Jack has a comfortable life and holds skepticism about the inheritance, while Leanna hopes for a large amount of money to gain custody of her daughter.

For Dani, having listened to her mother talk on and on about the inheritance, she arrives with no hope in the money, there only to get her mother to stop talking about it.

For Freddie, living with a pregnant girlfriend, he anticipates the money to change his life for the better.

For Ben, who has worked all his life to stay true to himself, but constantly imagines the worst, he hopes for a little something that will give him the freedom to maintain his integrity.

Arriving at the house, they meet Peter, their uncle once removed, a lawyer with the estate, there to facilitate the meeting.

After batting insults and snide remarks with each other, Peter plays a video of their great grandfather, Augustus, surprising the group, revealing that his final wish was for them to was stay the night and put their past behind them.

Fighting their independent spirits, they begrudgingly stay, and kind of make up with each other, determined to make the night to go by as quick and smooth as possible.

Once the sun sets, though, the door locks.

Peter locks himself in a room.

The group's momentary sense of comfort quickly dissolving, they scurry about, searching for a way out.

As they do, the darkness creeps in, shadows materializing.

Within the shadows, disembodied eyes stare...slowly closing in...reaching out...

And for the order to survive the night, they must confront the shadows, as well as themselves...

Submitted: October 25, 2019
Last Updated: October 27, 2019

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The Writer: Joseph Laramore

A dude always asking questions, settling into the solace that writing allows, to expand into realms of infite possibility and meet characters struggling through the mysteries surrounding them, burdened by failure, seeking a mere glimmer of hope, asking the questions that guides them onward, and perhaps tripping over an answer that suddenly seems so apparent, I must then wonder how I had not seen it from the beginning. Go to bio

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