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A wisecrackin' slapstickin' trio of cosmic Ancients has to take over the White House to lay a trap for a dark god on the loose who gets planet-smashingly angry whenever the vodka runs out.



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Poppycock is a slice of vaudeville reborn, a script that hearkens back to the spirit of the Marx Brothers. Cosmic Ancient Cyronticulous Gentrax the Immortal has broken into our dimension and needs to drink vodka or he gets so angry, and next thing you know there's tentacles flying everywhere! Humans don't stand a chance.

Three more Cosmic Ancients appear: Mavious Snarkfisher, an insulting wisecracker; Tonky, the silent walking bag of tricks, and Quacko, the punster. They harass and clown their way into the White House, where a young white boy wannabe rapper is President, eligible after having spent decades in a hypothermic coma. After a singing/rap showdown, the trio persuades "Baby Popsicle" to let them take over the presidency so they can work to stop Cy in time.

Tonky and Quacko split off to bring back Cy from some authentic rich housewives in Las Vegas while Mavious tries to handle the presidency and get ready to host Cy for a dinner night that will be their only chance to pacify Cy before he runs out of booze and starts thrashing the earth's crust like a bag of greasy potato chips.

ScreenCraft Comedy 2022 Quarterfinalist

Submitted: March 7, 2021
Last Updated: June 7, 2022

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The Writer: Julian Martin

Here are my professional goals: 1. See my spec scripts get made, take on assignments. 2. Get script doctoring and screenwriting gigs. Writer, co-writer, script doctor, it's all good. 3. Continue writing occasional novels. 4. Earn a reputation for being easy to work with. 5. Use any reasonable success to leapfrog into directing. 6. I can act too, but that's another leapfrog project. Use any reasonable success to worm my way into sweet cameos, supporting roles (see Craig Mazin in Mythic Quest, hilarious). 7. Adapt God Emperor of Dune into a screenplay. Go to bio

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