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Damon's Inquiry

An unnatural murder leads to a strange friendship between the victim's brother and the demonic killer, who is being reluctantly pulled into a cabal of other demons on a mission to corrupt humanity.



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Innocent drunken teasing in a bar turns into violence. Gregory and Ace confront each other, and almost accidentally Ace kills Gregory with such superhuman brutality that the police can't pin the murder on him later because no human could have committed such acts.

Gregory's brother Damon mourns but seeks answers. Answers find Ace as he is first discovered by Magnus, a person claiming that both he and Ace are "demons," and many more exist. He explains the demon life cycle: humankind's evil pollutes the spirit world, which births back demons who seek to further corrupt humans and make more of themselves. Ace wants to be left alone, but Magnus has different plans for him.

Damon finds Ace at the same bar his brother was murdered at, and eventually Ace gives him those same answers. Realizing he cannot seek revenge against someone as powerful as Ace, but that Ace does not want to be a part of this demonic cabal, Damon forms an uneasy truce with Ace to learn more. Damon will stay on Ace's trail and observe.

Magnus teaches Ace about how a priest with the help of three "angels" freed infant Ace, and how Ace corrupted many throughout his life unbeknownst to him.

Magnus introduces Ace to some of their handiwork, a mafia operation run out of a butcher shop where business has descended into a carnage factory. As Damon watches, the mafiosos try to break free of the demonic influence and assassinate them, but to no avail.

Damon follows the demons to a "nursery" where a woman possessed by a demonic spirit is gestating a new demon. Confronting her alone afterwards, Damon is psychically attacked by the demonic spirit, and part of his essence is mixed into the unborn fetus.

Scrambled mentally but still wanting to discover the truth behind his brother's murder, Damon gains some answers from an angel named Angelica, but must complete the journey on his own. Using her clues, he follows the demons as they initiate an act of mass corruption that threatens to engulf the city, and only an explosive action-packed third act can resolve matters for Ace and Damon while pointing to a direction for the sequels Ace's Redemption and Magnus Rising.

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ScreenCraft Action & Adventure 2020 Quarterfinalist (contest ongoing)

Submitted: December 3, 2019
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

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The Writer: Julian Martin

Eh, we don't have to go into all that, now do we? I have a fairly respectable day job but I do not write like a respectable person. Here are my professional goals: 1. See at least one of my spec scripts made. MAYBE direct some down the road. 2. Get script doctoring and screenwriting gigs. Writer, co-writer, script doctor, it's all good. 3. Continue writing occasional novels. 4. Earn a reputation for being easy to work with. Go to bio

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