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Prelude to a Dream

A story that integrates magic and mythology into the fabric of the modern world, presenting the story of two lovers across the boundaries of death and time.



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All his life, John Harvey has been torn between two lifetimes, his daily routine as a real estate vendor in Chicago, and his recurring, vivid dreams of a life and love in 18th century Ireland. For as long as he can remember, John has been continuously assured by his friends and family that his present-day life is the only reality he should be focusing on. However, this is much easier said than done when his dreams are so bright and clear they seem almost in reach, and when his love for Lady Clare, who is supposed to be nothing but a figment of his imagination, eclipses anything he may feel for another in his waking life. As John’s struggle to leave his dreams behind fails in the face of their ever- growing intensity, he seems to be almost at a breaking point, stuck in limbo between two worlds while not truly belonging to either. A visit to Ireland, to catch up with his concerned mother, seems like the perfect means of escape from the uncertainty in his daily life – or, at least, it is meant as such, right until he meets Clare in the waking world, and begins to realise his dreams may be more than that.

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Finalist - European Cinematography Awards
Selected - Lovesick Film Festival
Semi-Finalist - Hollywood Screenplay Festival
Selected - EdiPlay International Film Festival
Finalist - EdiPlay International Film Festival
Selected - Beyond the Curve International Film Festival
Selected - Bright International Film Festival
Finalist - Bright International Film Festival
Finalist - Beyond the Curve International Film Festival

Submitted: January 28, 2020
Last Updated: July 13, 2021

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The Writer: David Dinning

Ghost writer for the past few years. I 've worked on over 30 scripts and written 7 screenplays, and two series. I need five more words. That should do it. Go to bio

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