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The Nobody

An Action Spy feature about the pawns in the spy world, and one man’s journey through it all. Based on true stories that authentically embeds itself within the geopolitical climate of the 1990’s.



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A true story

The Nobody

The story starts with a casino deal in the works. Aside from the profits from gambling, the group would wash money for individuals and groups like the intelligence agencies. The spillover benefits being the information they would learn from the agencies and its value. Jake, George, and Fazio are the players.

The opening scene has George and Fazio on George’s yacht talking about the casino project. They’re waiting for the third member of the team, Jake. Fazio and George have known each other for years. George doesn’t know Jake; he has Fazio tell him about Jake and how they meet.

Fazio recaps their history; it’s filled with nonstop action. It’s here that we are introduced to three more colorful characters, Pinky, Leo, and Floyd.

Jake’s arrival and a new opportunity presents itself to the group. Collect on some old debits from the Iran, Iraq war. Some Jake and Fazio were involved as arms dealers. Iran and Iraq spent 350 billion in that war. The plan has a spillover benefit, getting Iran and Iraq back to the brink of war. In doing so weakening, its network of terrorist proxy groups.

Fringe groups in the US Government are on board. They see the benefit and a means to fund their secret government projects. Fazio knew of this from its inception, he was recruited by the CIA years ago. They saw his value as a rising star at the International Islamic Council. Where he would eventually become its president.

Israel catches wind of the plan. They had been surveilling Fazio for years. When one of its assets and contract agents, Jake, shows up on George’s yacht with Fazio. Israel calls on a family friend of Jake’s and famous former head of Mossad, Rafi, they coax him out of retirement to ensure that the American plan is successful, with one other goal in mind.

They plan to inform and convince Iraq and Iran that the other is buying weapons including chemical weapons and they need to do the same. Fazio and Jake will help them both buy what they need, but they must pay some of their old war debts. A lot of arms dealers were stiffed. To seed the plan, it involved drugs and the profit from them for weapons. The first batch of weapons was stolen from US army bases to buy the first supply of drugs. This plan had been in the works for a while. It unfolds fast.

At the first meeting, the team of Jake and Fazio and the elements of the US government go over the plan. At that meeting, Keith, a member of the government’s team, objects to Jake’s involvement. His checker past, drugs, and alcohol abuse would undermine the mission. Fazio knew what led to Jake’s abuse. Jake and Fazio had worked together and worked well together. Fazio told them no Jake, no deal. A Mysterious Man in shades approves Jake’s involvement. There was one problem; they can’t find the Opium King, the CIA’s major drug supplier.

During a wild weekend, Jake goes missing. When Keith finds out, he goes off on Fazio for Jake being on board. It was during that weekend that Jake was willingly recruited by Rafi’s top agent, Rachel. She’s deadly and beautiful.

Rachel sets up a reunion between Rafi and Jake. Jake has shit for Rafi as he recounts his unknown role in the Pollard affair. Rafi tells Jake how Pollard helped Israel, and that he came out of it unscathed. He reminded Jake of his first love, Ziana, a Mossad agent, and her death. He tells him he had it leaked that Jake is helping the Iraqi.

Rafi has a mission for Jake. He hands him a bus ticket. Rafi points to a map, you’re going here. They will find you along the way. You will help achieve everyone’s goal to cripple the terrorist proxy groups. He tells Jake it was him that convinced the Opium King to wait for Jake.

Jake tells him he can’t just disappear. Rafi, you had a lead on where the Opium King was; you had to act fast, and he found you.

What he doesn’t tell Jake is that Kuhn San and his head man Nang are a little paranoid. He’ll have to convince them he’s not out to cheat them.

One other thing is revealed; that the competing groups in government are at each other’s throats and maybe his biggest threat. To watch out for Keith and Mr. Fielding.

The game is on, a shell game filled with deceit and betrayal. Who will win, who will die, who will go to prison? Will it all fall apart?

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Silicon Beach Film Festival® - Selected
Hollywood Jumbo: Screenplay Festival - Selected
The Beverly Hills Film Festival - Selected
4th Dimension Independent Film Festival - Selected
Finalist - 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival
Semi-Finalist - The Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards
EdiPlay International Film Festival - Selected
AWARD WINNER at the 17th season of World Film Carnival – Singapore(WFCS).
World Film Carnival - Singapore - Selected
L.A. Indies' Film Festival - Selected
Beyond the Curve International Film Festival - Selected

Submitted: February 13, 2021
Last Updated: November 24, 2021

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The Writer: David Dinning

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