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White Knight Black Nights

As a woman’s dream world spirals out of control she turns to poker, a game of chance? Discovers that poker is skill, life is the gamble.



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Base on a book by Susie Issacs

It’s a feature film, A Drama, based on a true story about women breaking into the men’s world of poker, through the eyes of our protagonist, Rachel.

The story revolves around three people, two young women, childhood friends, Rachel and Sharon, and Josh, Rachel’s brother. Sharon wants everything, except being tied down to a man. Rachel’s divorced with a young son, no job, she’s given up on being a writer, she longs for a loving marriage like her parents have. Josh quits school and his job for backroom poker games and pool halls, becomes a professional poker player.

Both women’s dreams would come true. Sharon’s business would take off, and Rachel finds a loving husband, Dalton, a rich reformed playboy.

Years later Sharon would visit Rachel and Dalton, and find a Stepford Wife. Sharon asks Rachel if she’ll ever have an independent thought again. Try’s to get her to see that she’s lost in Dalton’s shadow. Rachel laughs, tells her that if Dalton’s happy she’s happy.

Throughout the story, Sharon pushes Rachel to think for her self, and to starting writing again. A slow change starts to takes place in Rachel. She begins to write, and play poker. Through her interviews and playing she sees first hand what it’s like being a woman in the men’s world of poker.

Black Monday, and bad investing by Dalton would send him spiraling downward and into the hands of Peter, a con man and his beautiful wife, Angel. Rachel begins to bloom, as Dalton reaches new lows.

Rachel finds pictures of Dalton and another women. She springs it on him at dinner. Throws him out, then tries to get him back. They talk he cons his way back in. After telling her he can’t choose between her and Angel.

After a poker tournament Rachel’s car is pushed off a parking garage, she rolls out just in time. Later she discovers that Dalton has just taken out an insurance policy on her, with Peter as the beneficiary if something happens to Dalton.

Her Lawyer tires to convince her to leave town for a while. She tells him that she’s playing in the World Series of Poker. And that nothing is going to stop her. He tells her that’s a gamble he wouldn’t make. She say’s that the poker is skill life is the gamble.

The race is on to kill Rachel and Dalton. Seven people will die.

Rachel would go on to be the first woman to win the Woman’s World Series of Poker, back to back. And one of a handful of women to reach the men’s final table. She’s a member of Pokers Hall of Fame.

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Submitted: July 6, 2018
Last Updated: June 11, 2021

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