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Old friends find themselves trapped in a deadly VR game, forced to seek out clues as a masked killer hunts them one-by-one. Can they survive the night?

Dawn, an introverted college student, has invited her two high school best friends, Lena and CJ, over for a slumber party - their first in ages. After some drinking and much gossip, they invite over the skeevy drug-dealing duo, Zak and Mitch. However, the party is crashed by the arrival of a mysterious package, labeled TRINITY. Inside they find several VR headsets, and a card challenging them to "survive the night." The group decides to play the horror game, but soon realize the grievous consequences for losing are far more real than they thought.

In the game, they find themselves trapped with no apparent means of quitting. The only way to escape is to find three cassette tapes, all while being hunted by a methodical, lumbering masked killer. As the group unlocks the clues, they begin to question one another's motives and what brought the game to them.

A modern twist on the "slumber party massacre" sub-genre of slasher flicks, welcome to RE-SPAWN!

Submitted: September 19, 2019
Last Updated: March 25, 2020
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The Writer: Patrick Hunter

I'm a rookie screenwriter from South Mississippi with B. A. in Theatre. Also the co-founder of a small production company, Falconista Films, with whom I've written and directed a handful of short film projects. As a storyteller, I'm passionate about telling stories that are both realistic but also celebrate the realm of impossibility that exists only in the movies. A few influences would have to include: Clifford Odets, George Romero, Anne Washburn, Scott McCloud, and Keiko Nobumoto. Go to bio

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