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To eat better leftovers from La Vérité's garbage bin homeless Betrand and 12 years illegal refugee BOY secretly drop cooking tips in their letterbox. These recipes make the restaurant and its discriminating owner famous.

We are in a busy shopping street in an American city. Violin-playing homeless Betrand helps the kid BOY to escape from the hands of three bullies. Now the black 12 years old illegal refugee from Mali becomes his protege. With him, and little dog Polly, Betrand eats his meals from the garbage can of restaurant La Vérité. These are at the back of the restaurant where Betrand has his secret hiding place. The food tastes awful. To have better meals, Betrand drops cooking tips and recipes in La Vérité’s letterbox.

LA VÉRITÉ GETS FAMOUS: Thanks to Betrand's recipes and positive press reviews, the restaurant is the talk of the town. The mayor decides to impress new guests, his Paris’ colleagues and the French ambassador with one of La Vérité’s copied fabulous dinners. Also because he has an eye on the nice Italian waitress Bona Ferrara. Restaurant owner and chef cook Sitterly can no longer tolerate a homeless violin player at the steps next to his restaurant. Because of his image and also because BOY is an illegal refugee, he tries to get rid of them with the help of the police and immigration officials.

PAINFULL HISTORY, HOPELESS FUTURE: Betrand and Boy have things in common. Both lost their families in a fire. Both fled to America on a cargo boat. Both have no future. And new conflicts are on the horizon. In Betrand's hiding place, BOY is assaulted by an adult he assumes is Betrand's friend. Not to embarrass Betrand, BOY disappears. After the boy is found conflict with the discriminating restaurant owner gets worse. Also a banker and lawyer are after Betrand or BOY with the help of a private investigator – on criminal grounds or for the something better? It is not clear whom they are after. It has to do with history, a fire and death.

CHOICES TO MAKE: Also Bona is in conflict. Despite the mayor’s advances, single Bona Ferrara cannot fall in love with him. On the other hand, she cannot shut her eyes to a better future for her and her little daughter. Waitresses are poorly payed in America. The mayor offers Bona a job which pays three or four times as much as the restaurant. Twelve year old BOY however has the impression Bona feels for Betrand. But it is not likely a nice woman fancies a homeless man, although mutual understanding flowers.

CONFLICTS AT CHRISTMAS: Everything accumulates while streets get christmas decorations. The mayor and his guests visit La Vérité with a lot of press, especially for he discriminating and brutal restaurant owner. Because Bernard convinced the police BOY is his son. To do so he changed, full of emotion, the picture in the passport of his late real son. Thanks tot he falsified passport BOY is not arrested nor deported. Now Sitterly decides to chase them violently. With that brutal attack, little dog Polly is killed.

DENOUEMENT: Time for a friendly revenge. Betrand puts his last cooking tips in La Vérité’s letterbox: A French menu. Sitterly adapts the menu suggestions. As a result, the distinguished guests get ill. Although the food poisoning is not that serious, it is breaking news for newspapers, televisions and on social media. It does not take long before La Vérité, translated as ‘the truth’ is finished, broke and closed.

LA NOUVELLE VÉRITÉ: Two months later Bona Ferrara is invited to attend the opening of ‘La nouvelle Vérité’. She does not recognize the new owner, who is in a cooks uniform and has his beard shaved, at first site. That changes as Betrand asks her to be his partner. Banker, lawyer and private investigator were after him because a large manufacturer made one of his sauces famous and was eager to pay Betrand's part.

………………………….. THE END

20 YEARS LATER A 32 years old black man is honored as he won his 3rd Michelin Star. BOY managed to change his life for the better thanks to Betrand's cooking skills.

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The Writer: Benn Flore

Benn Flore is a Dutch published writer and marketeer with his own agency Florad Fantasy. Today he works on novels, screenplays and every year one (short) movie production on days he isn't playing soccer with his grandchildren. Long time ago he wrote for Dutch tv-comedians and had his cartoons published in newspapers. Benn took up writing again after retrieving from his local marketing company. Five of Flore's books are published, some have been (native) translated into English and adapted into short movies. Awards starting with his first novel In 2010 Benn Flore won the Dutch local version of the Roosevelt Award by the Roosevelt Academy with his first novel 'Three Religions, One Killer'... Go to bio

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