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Two hobos who were big in the music business, change their lives together. But their dream is threatened and thanks to Luke and Ronnie, the concert is saved.



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Chas Lowe and Charles Lowe

Two men who were big in the music industry fell on hard times and met under unfortunate circumstances. Their meeting and with the help of friends and lovers, they built their own dreams together...and called upon their protection, just in case. Luke and Ronnie were definitely an asset to the big show! The show goes on!

This story takes place in the early 1960's. The rock-a-billy singer, Johnny Horton, takes center stage. This singer is so far down on his luck, he's turned into a hobo. His means of getting around is hopping onto freight train box cars. As he hops a freight train climbing into a box car, another hobo, Bob, is already in the same box car. They talk and get acquainted. Bob used to be a music promoter. This is start of something great!

As they ride the train, Bob is listening to Johnny Horton (who's a hobo), sing a song. The song is “Honky Tonk Man”. Wow! Bob still has his contacts in the music business. The process to success begins!

They both get off the train in Tulsa, OK and there in Tulsa, Bob has a good looking, and good hearted lady friend that lives there. She helps with clothes and money. Another beautiful woman lives with her and Johnny Horton takes up with her. Bob is thinking BIG and wants to put on a rock-a-billy concert as Johnny Horton as lead man. Things are heating up!

Bob starts getting his show put together, with top names in the music circuit. He looks around and finds a place to start the concert. It will be a tour of stars. The place is, Pharoah, OK, in the basketball gym. The show is created!

The gym is packed as the concert starts. Johnny Horton leads off, as the girls try to get to Johnny as he sings. Johnny's ex-girlfriend is in the audience, and is a troublemaker for Johnny. Johnny has made a comeback with success and his ex-girlfriend wants more money from him. She does anything to get him back, his attention, his money. The trouble starts when Johnny finishes his songs. His ex-girlfriend offers herself completely to Johnny, if he'll take her back. However, Johnny wants to stay with the woman he met while in Tulsa. More trouble starts.

Some criminals crash the show and starts to rob everyone in the gym, under gunpoint. Bob running the show, has hired a man to be security. This man looks like The Rifleman from the TV show, and uses the same rifle. This man has a partner, a twelve year old boy, that has the same kind of rifle, and knows how to use it. The battle begins!

Luke, as the rifle carrying security guard, and Ronnie, as the twelve year old brave rifle toting partner, confront the robbers, and there's gun play. The lead criminal has a match for the rifle. One of the other criminals tells the lead man, “I've heard about this man and his rifle. Faster than any man with a six gun.” Lots of action!
After the gun play ends, the highway patrol takes the criminals, and the show continues. Thanks to Luke and little, but brave Ronnie, the show ends great, but of course not with more ex-girlfriend problems for Johnny Horton.

The show will now move to Kansas, where there are bigger problems to deal with. All of this is the sequel script, Rock-A-Billy 2...this script is complete.

Chas Lowe talks Rock A Billy 1 and 2 screenplays
Submitted: December 31, 2020
Last Updated: December 31, 2020

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The Writer: Chas Lowe

Hi, my name is Chas Lowe, also known as Rifleman Loweco Writer. I'm a retired pipeline xray inspector and now an avid screenplay writer. I enjoy writing and have over 40 completed full featured screenplays (only a few are uploaded here....more to be uploaded!) You can find me on Youtube, Facebook, webpage ( ), and IMDB. Thank you for reading and considering my work. "It's All In The Script, Hollywood!" Go to bio

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