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The Mummy's Witch

A powerful, sexy witch avenges her father's murder by employing her two guy friends to retrieve an ancient mummy and then ordering the mummy to pay prices with pain and death upon the suspected murderers.



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The Mummy's Witch

a full feature synopsis
by Chas Lowe and Charles Lowe

A powerful, sexy witch vows to avenge her father's murder by employing her two wild guy friends to retrieve an ancient mummy and then ordering the mummy to pay prices with pain and death upon the suspected murderers.

It's 2014. LaCrusha, a powerful and sexy witch, lives alone in a small castle tucked away in the woods outside a small town. In town, she definitely draws attention by her sexy, independent, and power persona, intimidating to most people. She loves driving her slick, black Chevy Camaro too. Rumored in the community, she possesses special powers giving her advantages. However, she has a sad heart with a burning desire for revenge. Why? LaCrusha's father was murdered by local lawmen and she's planned to avenge her father's death by awakening an ancient mummy and unleash it's fury.

LaCrusha's friends, Ray and Taz, are the typical small town fun, wild guys getting into crazy bar and women situations, and love it! Yet, Ray and Taz have a high respect and special love for LaCrusha. Ray and Taz will do anything for LaCrusha. On a particular day, LaCrusha asks and employs Ray and Taz to retrieve an ancient mummy and deceased princess from the ruins of an old caved-in temple. Then Ray and Taz bring the special packages back to LaCrusha so she can start the revengeful acts.

This story continues where the movie, “The Mummy's Curse” ended in 1944. In an old temple, The Mummy is striving to catch a man, rip him to shreds, kill him. From the chaos, the temple collapses burying The Mummy. 70 years pass. It's now 2014.

LaCrusha's father was murdered by local lawmen. Instead of taking matters into her own hands, she's employed Ray and Taz to retrieve an ancient mummy so she can awaken it to take care of business in exchange to send The Mummy and Princess home. Ray and Taz manage to bring the mummy back to LaCrusha. She awakens The Mummy and orders The Mummy onto the murder suspects, The Mummy's new victims. One by one, The Mummy does the vengeful deeds.

Through this revenge trek, Ray and Taz display their wild, crazy times at bars and the women they end up with at the end of the night. And beer is a must! The powerful LaCrusha has fun with her guy friends teasing Ray and Taz, reading their minds, and giving them hope of a chance to be with her. They love each other, nonetheless.

However, the venegeful acts aren't exactly clean get-aways. Evidence is found. A news reporter with the help of a lab, college professor and historian, are hot on the trail unravelling the mysterious deaths in town. They are close!

LaCrusha finally gets her revenge. Ray and Taz get paid big bucks for their help. And The Mummy and Princess get sent home.

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Chas Lowe talks about The Mummy's Witch screenplay
Submitted: December 22, 2020
Last Updated: June 23, 2021

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The Writer: Chas Lowe

Hi, my name is Chas Lowe, also known as Rifleman Loweco Writer. I'm a retired pipeline xray inspector and now an avid screenplay writer. I enjoy writing and have over 40 completed full featured screenplays (only a few are uploaded here....more to be uploaded!) You can find me on Youtube, Facebook, webpage ( ), and IMDB. Thank you for reading and considering my work. "It's All In The Script, Hollywood!" Go to bio

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