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Mysteriously resurrected, a custodian risks his very soul to save his wife from her drug dealer by challenging the Princess of Darkness herself.



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The Devil disguised as a beautiful woman, brings Nick Valens back to life but gives him a whole different life and mother, Norma Jean. At first Nick is disappointed. The idea grows on him, but he still wants his previous life back with his wife, Brenda. At a park, while getting food for himself, Nick spots Brenda and finds out she is homeless. During an encounter with Brenda, Nick invites her back to his house for a chance to get cleaned up and to have a place to sleep. Disturbed at first, Brenda returns with Nick to the house and greeted with a warm welcome by Norma Jean. With a warm place to sleep and feeling at ease to move on, Brenda prepares to leave the next morning but is given support to stay longer.

The next morning, during a drug dealing payment, Shelly Owens, a thirteen-year-old drug dealer and her bodyguard, Earl. Take money from an addict and push him over the edge of a bridge. During a trip to the local park, Nick follows Brenda to her daily fix of her drug addiction fix and pays Shelly for past due payment. To a motel Brenda goes and with Nick on her trail. She performs a sexual favor for money. Disappointed and hurt, Nick avoids Brenda throughout the night. The next day, Nick returns to work and gets a visit from Brenda. Her feelings for Nick grow stronger as she tries to make a move on him, but Nick turns her down. His feelings to take it slow.

Back at the house, Brenda returns to her room, and feeds her addiction. Now with her unconscious, Nick and Norma Jean let her sleep it off in the basement, allowing her to break her addiction in the process. Ten days later, Nick takes her out of the basement and allows her to sleep in his bed. A week later, Brenda is working at a local grocery store but gets an unexpected visit from Shelly. Shelly tempts Brenda with a tube of crack cocaine but Brenda brushes off the urge and walks away. A moment from walking into the bedroom, Norma Jean has collapsed from a having a stroke and is rushed to the hospital. Shortly after, Norma Jean passes away and this leaves Nick with only Brenda as his shoulder to cry on. Now with his feelings for her stronger than they were before, Nick purposes to Brenda and marries her after a month of waiting.

Nine months later, the couple have a daughter and name her Nicola. Now with a daughter and a wife to take care of, Nick meets a basketball star named RJ, and with his recommendation, Nick is hired as the new coach. That night, Nick and Brenda go out for dinner to celebrate. During their dinner, the babysitter gets an unexpected visit from Shelly and Earl. Earl knocks the babysitter unconscious. Back home, Nick finds the babysitter awakening and Brenda checks on the infant. A bag of crack left in the crib. Brenda disposes of it. That night, Nick has a dream about the devil and two other girls. Her last attempt to tempt him with lust, Nick turns his back on the devil and leaves with nothing to worry about.

The next morning, Nick returns to his job as the coach and catches RJ talking to Shelly. Words get exchanged between Shelly and Nick. On their way home, Shelly waits. Nick deals with Shelly while Brenda rushes to the house for safety. Earl binds him with rope and allows Shelly to strike Nick. A punch to the top of Nick's head, Shelly breaks her hand. Nick breaks out of the rope and punches Earl out with his boxing combination. About to shoot Brenda, Nick steps in and is shot guarding her. Nick dies in her arms.

Ten years later, Brenda, Nicola and Lola pay a visit to Shelly. Shelly now a grown woman and confused about why Brenda is visiting. Shelly's mother shows up and greets her with a warm embrace. Now with his family able to move on, Nick is greeted by the Messiah and shows him all the things that will transpire without him in the living world. Nick learns that his son-in-law will womanize both of his daughters and father children. When the Messiah leaves Nick, Nick uses the opportunity to attack Barry. In the living world, Nick watches his effect on Barry and watches his daughter fight with him. For interfering, The Messiah punishes Nick by making him go deaf.

In one of his happiest memories, Nick sees his wife and baby Nicola. Now ready to move on and says goodbye to Brenda in a glimpse.

Submitted: November 28, 2022
Last Updated: March 15, 2023

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The Writer: Nicholas P

Hello, my name is Nicholas P, and welcome to my profile! I encourage other writers to find their voices and show their art! Everyone has a voice. I found mine in giving a lot of character to the scripts that I have written. Write on! All I can tell everyone that has a voice is to stick to it and continue to grow with your creativity. Keep going. I notify everyone that has request to read my scripts, that I will release them when the time is right, and all I ask is for your patience. Go to bio

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